Why implement CRM?

Why implement CRM? An effective CRM strategy is important to surviving the economic rollercoaster that most industries have been experiencing for the last several years. Customers have become the scarcest, but most valuable commodity for many organizations as they are increasingly able and willing to shop around.

6 Reasons to Implement CRM

  1. Increase Customer Satisfaction Levels How much is customer satisfaction worth to your organization? Can you put a price on a satisfied customer?
  2. Increase Customer Retention Rates How much does it cost to gain a new customer?
  3. Provide Better Tracking of Key Metrics Do you really know how your sales people are spending their time? How well does your sales team manage significant sales opportunities? Is your sales team able to quantify the value they are providing? How well does your sales team manage the annual sales planning process?
  4. Lower TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) per Customer How much time and money do your sales people spend on closing an opportunity?
  5. Higher Net Profitability per Customer Do you know which customers make you money and which ones cost you money?
  6. Better Lead Management by Reps & More Efficient Sales Management Does your sales team consist of proactive, strategic sellers, or are they reactive firefighters?

Organizations need the tools to be able to continually monitor their activities to not only ensure that their customers are being taken care of, but also to ensure that their business processes are as efficient and effective as possible. Keeping these factors in mind when implementing a CRM strategy will lead to the best possible ROI.

Want to see your potential ROI when using a reliable CRM system? Download our ROI Calculator!

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