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Analytics without action is pointless – pretty reports that you don’t do anything with are just that, pretty reports. Not measuring and planning your processes doesn’t bring you any value. Bringing the two together so your decisions are informed by analytics is the key to ROI.

Join us on the 15th to learn how our platform points you in the right direction to deliver ROI quickly:

  • Increase efficiency and save time: View dashboards showing sales vs. quota or year-over-year performance by sales rep or by team
  • Uncover opportunities with new features: Like which of your highest profit customers are declining in sales — or have had no CRM activity in 6 months
  • Combine different data to learn new information: Such as uncovering avoidable expenses or pinpointing inventory that could become next year’s deadstock

Challenge Your Tech Toolset: 3 Hidden ROIs When Considering a BI & CRM Platform

Tuesday, September 15th | 10:30 am Pacific | 1:30 pm Eastern


We’ll see you on the 15th to show you how you can immediately improve your business with combined BI and CRM platform.

By: Brittany Geisler

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