“Tour de Force provides our company with an easily and highly customizable package with the added benefit of tying specifically with our Eclipse ERP system, allowing us to track what we deem important. The support team is top notch and provides a level of professionalism rarely seen in the software industry.”

Chris Bohn, Director of Information Technology - APR Supply Co.

"I have been working with Tour de Force for over 5 years now, as they have been our CRM. As a bigger client, we have been able to build a relationship with the TDF Staff and Support and they listen to our needs and wants. The system itself has come a long way in the years we have been using them, but it is very easy to use. Aside the from the CRM system itself, the TDF Support staff is awesome. They listen to what you need, and make it happen.. even if it might take a little bit to implement those changes, its worth it in the end.”

Amber Benko, CRM Manager - Crescent Electric

"In today’s quickly changing business world, and with industry consolidation, I’ve come to understand that the most important asset I own is my relationship with customers. Manufacturers continue to buy and sell companies, continually changing the distribution channels for their products. Our implementation of Tour de Force has enabled us to effectively collect, analyze, and disseminate customer information that helps maintain and grow our business and customer relationships, regardless of changes in the distribution channel. I was skeptical at first, but after our implementation, I couldn’t believe how easily our business system information integrated with Tour de Force. Tour de Force is worth the investment and is money well spent."

Mark G. Murman, Vice President - Clayton Engineering Company

“Tour de Force offers a seamless interface to our Infor SX.enterprise ERP system and a strong integration with Microsoft Outlook. These two features alone have led to a high level of adoption, even by our sales people that were unfamiliar with, and suspicious of, CRM applications. Both features have been instrumental in elevating our sales organization to a whole new level.”

Matt Onofrio, President - GT Midwest

“The sales planning module has been a huge time saver for us and is a part of TDF that I highly recommend. I also like the ability to customize TDF for our business and fit the processes that we already had in place.”

Craig Hein, Sales Manager – Heating and Cooling Supply Co.

“We love Tour de Force and the power of what it tells us! It provides us with so much information right at our fingertips. We have best practices in place for our accounting department, inside sales, and outside sales. It seems like we are discovering a new gem every day with Tour de Force that we never knew about before.”

Scott Heiling, VP Operations - HeiTek Automation

"We initially purchased Tour de Force to replace an outdated CRM program. After using it for over 3 years the CRM aspect is almost a bonus because of the business intelligence information that can be extracted from our Epicor Prelude ERP system using the ERP integration module in Tour de Force. Any sales metric you can imagine can be easily tracked. Prior to implementing this tool much of the sales data was difficult if not impossible to review with our Epicor Prelude ERP system. Tour de Force has improved information sharing not only between inside and outside sales but also between branch locations."

Mark Consroe, National Inside Sales Manager - JGB Enterprises, Inc.

“Tour de Force is a solid product and is supported by a solid group of people. We started with Tour de Force in 2004, and the system has come a long way since then. Due to issues we had in the beginning, we didn’t start using the business system integration to our Epicor Prelude ERP system until we upgraded to Tour de Force CRM v4 in October 2011. Once we got past the initial setup of v4, the ERP integration has worked flawlessly. The ability to filter on grid columns is a huge benefit both with the Prelude data and in general, as it allows you to call up a large amount of data and very quickly get to the detail you need.”

Eric Grimstad, President - J.M. Grimstad, Inc.

"The implementation of Tour de Force CRM at Kirby Risk was one of the smoothest I have ever experienced. The ability of our account managers to start entering data with minimal training is an indication that Tour de Force CRM was designed with the user in mind."

Mike Hauberg, Area Sales Manager - Industrial - Kirby Risk

“As we rolled out Tour de Force, which gives you access to this great amount of data, we realized that all of this data might be overwhelming to our sales representatives. Recognizing this, we decided to take some time at the beginning to teach them the grid techniques such as sorting by a certain value, creating simple filters, and grouping data by categories. We spent time with our sales reps from the beginning, showing them the techniques to manage the data in Tour de Force, so that from the start, it was clear to them how to get to the information they wanted. This initial effort went a long way in driving adoption of Tour de Force by our sales team.”

TJ White, IT Manager - MASSCO, Inc.

“Tour de Force CRM understands the distribution industry. For the past 10 years, they have provided the tools we need to better plan, track, and forecast within our team of over 70 sales people.”

Don Norman, Director Sales and Market Development - NEFF Automation

“Tour de Force gives you a benchmark and shows you your goals, rather than just flying blind. We look at it and see which areas we need to improve in, so it’s a really good feedback device. It’s also a great way for us to remind ourselves what’s going on, stay on top of our appointments, and monitor our tasks.”

Kevin Hogarth, Operations Manager - Neff Power, Inc.

“Sometimes we curse Tour de Force for being so easy to use! It’s really easy to look and see what bookings we did yesterday, so we’ll immediately hear about it if we’ve had a slow day.”

Kevin Hogarth, Operations Manager - Neff Power, Inc.

“With our previous CRM, there was no link between the ERP system and the CRM system. We were just flying in the dark, having to look up something in one system, and then having to go look for the sales data in the other system. We would look at our daily bookings reports and manually plug those into the system, which was taking at least an hour every day. Now I go into Tour de Force and I can see our sales data and review yesterday’s bookings. I can drill down into that information and look at open orders, open items, sales history, inquiries, etc., which is a huge benefit for us.”

Kevin Hogarth, Operations Manager - Neff Power, Inc.

“The Business System Integration module in Tour de Force provides us insights to data in our Epicor Prelude ERP system that we didn’t have insights to before. It allows us to analyze that data to see where we need to improve. Tour de Force also provides our Outside Sales team with access to sales data about their Accounts, such as open orders and open quotes. They don’t use the Prelude system, so they completely rely on Tour de Force for access to this key information about their customers.”

Tyra Bean, Marketing Manager - Pumps, Parts & Service, Inc.

“The best thing I can say about TDF CRM is that it's the most user-friendly CRM I've ever worked with. It's easy to configure, easy to manage and easy to train on. It's flexibility has allowed us to custom build the system which allows us to use the information in ways we had only dreamed of in the past. Suffice it to say it exceeds our expectations!”

Tracy Searcy, CRM Administrator – Precision Fitting and Gauge Co.

“The BI Connector is one of the most powerful business tools we use. You can literally feel the weight lifted off our company departments and personnel every time we eliminate a spreadsheet or manual tracking of a business process and automate it in TDF!”

Laura Heinen, Marketing Manager - Rapid Packaging

"I have used Tour de Force as a sales territory manager, a branch location manager, and now as President; a company-wide executive manager of sales. Therefore, my perspective on the software is built from all angles. Daily use of Tour de Force by a sales person allows them to organize their territory and create itineraries based on what is hot right now. Our branch location managers can get on the same page with the sales force on every new opportunity with a quick glance of the screen. One of the most valuable benefits of the Tour de Force software is that we are now compiling a history of any activity with our customers. In the old days, our salesmen would spend the time recording their sales calls, only to be filed away and never seen again. Now we have a searchable database of relevant information that allows us to view progress and coach our team. A sales person new to a territory can now pick up right where their predecessor left off, saving us from downtime during a personnel change."

Neil Carter, President - Rubber & Gasket Co. of America

"Tour de Force CRM has helped our organization better understand our pipelines and projects with our customers. It has also helped our sales team remember to follow up on tasks and appointments automatically, which has helped us become a more professional sales organization. This has not only helped us better partner with our vendors but has also helped us streamline our operations and inventory management."

Jeff Squires, VP Automation/Electrical - SMC

“We interviewed several CRM systems before deciding on Tour de Force. The primary reason we selected Tour de Force is the integration ability with our ERP system (Eclipse) and how completely customizable the system is. We, as the end user, can do the majority of the customizing ourselves. That is a big key to the success of any CRM system; making it work to match the way you do business.”

Pamela Nation, Marketing Technologies Coordinator - Springfield Electric Supply

"Tour de Force has enabled our management team to actually “manage” instead of just being firefighters. With features like the Alerts & Notifications we are able to identify trends, either up or down, with both products and customers in a timely way that allows us to take advantage of those trends now rather than 6 months later. Tour de Force has also drastically reduced the amount of time spent by both the salesmen and management “reporting” on activity. With the real time visibility of tasks, appointments, notes, emails, and other activities, we no longer have the need for “reports” and this means more time doing our jobs instead of making others aware of our movements. I recently attended a large trade show armed with Tour de Force mobile and it was the most productive trade show I have ever attended. Before stepping into a customer’s booth I was able to view all of the contacts at that customer as well as recent activities and notes made by our sales staff. Rather than stepping in there with, “Hello, you guys buy some stuff from our company” I was able to go in with “Hello, we have been working with your engineer Jeff on making some improvements to your hydraulic system. We appreciate the opportunity.” In just a quick glance of the Tour de Force mobile application I was able to become very familiar with each company I visited and make the most of my time in front of them."

Chris Restorick, Sales - Tompkins Industries, Inc.

“We chose Tour de Force because of their in-depth knowledge of our industry. Their extensive integration to our ERP system, Epicor Eclipse, drives instant value to our sales organization. They are a partner that listens to our needs and rapidly responds to them.”

Rich Hamer, Vice President of Operations - Steiner Electric Company

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