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Tour de Force Cloud CRM is a hosted solution built for the wholesale distribution and manufacturing industries. Tour de Force Cloud delivers combined customer relationship management (CRM) and business intelligence (BI), including integration with clients’ enterprise resource planning (ERP) or business/accounting systems to provide extensive sales analysis and reporting. Tour de Force Cloud CRM removes the need for the IT server and database infrastructure required to run on-premise solutions.

Tour de Force Cloud has been developed for organizations that don’t have a functional IT infrastructure or IT staff, or who don’t want to deal with the hassle of maintaining server hardware. Wholesale distributor and manufacturing personnel simply use a Web browser from their preferred device, including desktop and laptop PCs, smartphones, and tablets to access the system.

Tour de Force CRM Cloud is a key enabler for sales and marketing teams seeking to improve their efficiency and effectiveness.

Benefits of Tour de Force Cloud

Save time accessing actionable customer data

  • Gain a 360° consolidated view of all key customer information including data pulled directly from your ERP system.
  • Analyze data online and easily access reports and dashboards at levels such as the overall corporation, company, region, branch, territory, customer, and vendor.
  • Receive key information delivered automatically to your Tour de Force Cloud home page and email through alerts and notifications.

Optimize business processes

  • Delivers capabilities well beyond traditional CRM.
  • Job management for managing projects including resource requirements, project milestones and timing.
  • Case management and support for identifying, tracking and resolving any issues customers may experience.

Leverage institutional knowledge

  • Utilizes a centralized customer knowledge base which retains customer information over time through sales rep and territory transitions, including automated logging of email communications. Tour de Force Cloud keeps inside and outside sales, product managers, engineering and technical resources, marketing personnel, management, and executives all up to date and on the same page.
  • Accounts can be assigned and analyzed at ship-to and/or bill-to levels, providing more granular coverage and view of performance.

Grow sales by streamlining and standardizing your sales processes

  • Efficiently manage the entire sales process from initial interest through closure and beyond, including tasks, activities, appointments, opportunities, sales quote delivery, follow up, and closure, while keeping inside and outside sales teams and all other parties in sync.
  • Sales quotes can be created in your existing ERP system or in Tour de Force Cloud while utilizing customer-specific pricing and viewing product availability by warehouse through the integration between the two systems.

Increase sales revenue with sales planning tools

  • Effectively manage sales planning by establishing goals according to territory, region, customer account, and/or salesperson with the ability to set product group, revenue category, and vendor goals within each area, including the ability to track and report sales commissions based on sales revenue and/or profit.
  • Perform gap analysis to determine where sales of dependent products are not being captured and additional opportunities to upsell customers may exist; manage performance to goals by reviewing leakage of products and product groups on a year-to-year (or other period-to-period) basis, which enables faster resolution to any potential issues BEFORE customers seek to establish strong relationships with competitors, delivering strong sales results.

Improve the quantity and quality of leads through effective marketing management

  • Establish standard and ad hoc marketing contact lists by combining system data, including areas such as geography, industries and segments, with sales results and trends, for effective targeting of key marketing messages.
  • Establish marketing messaging, enabling your sales and marketing teams to communicate in a consistent manner.

  • Combined customer relationship management (CRM), sales force automation (SFA), and business intelligence (BI) solution functionality
  • Drives sales and marketing efficiency and effectiveness
  • Fully-integrated with your enterprise resource planning (ERP) or business system
  • Hosted solution which doesn’t require on-premise IT server infrastructure
  • Purpose-built for wholesale distributors and manufacturers
  • Flexible and configurable to enable business processes which drive competitive advantage

Tour de Force Cloud is commonly used by customers in additional areas of their businesses well beyond sales and marketing, including:

  • Operations for project management and case management as described above in “Optimize Business Processes,” and asset management for tracking asset history, location, and associated inspection and service records.
  • Procurement and strategic sourcing for vendor management, including managing and analyzing key attributes, such as manufacturing capabilities, materials, locations, quality scores, and associated projects, images, documents, and email communication.
  • Finance and accounting for credit management through visibility to opportunities and quotes, and for accounts receivable management including tracking of collection calls.

If you’ve been looking for a customer relationship management (CRM), sales force automation (SFA), and business intelligence (BI) solution that is fully configurable to your business, integrates extensively with your ERP or back office business system, and doesn’t require you to maintain IT server hardware, then look no further!

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