Licensing Editions

CRM Software Solutions from Tour de Force help you manage all aspects of the relationships that you have with your customers, prospects, suppliers, and vendors.

Tour de Force BI is a streamlined business intelligence CRM application software solution that provides analytics, reporting, and dashboards.

BI Plus has all the features of BI, with the added benefit of CRM features. Tour de Force BI Plus offers the best of both CRM and BI.

Tour de Force Extended enables users to take advantage of all CRM, advanced CRM, and BI features.

Premier makes it easier to take advantage of Tour de Force CRM add-on modules. Tour de Force Premier includes all available modules and new modules that are added in the future.

Edition Comparison

Features CRM BI BI Plus Extended Premier*
Accounts, Contacts, and Leads X X X X X
Activities X X X X
Appointments X X X X
Documents X X X X
Notes X X X X
Opportunities X X X X
Tasks X X X X
Advanced Analytics X X X X
Business Intelligence Summary X X X X
Gap Analysis & Cross-Selling X X X X
Info Center X X X X
Sales Planning & Budgeting X X X X
Email Draft Editor X X X X
Email Marketing** X X X X
Template Integration X X X X X
Asset Management X X
Contracts & Product Registration X X
Expenses X X
Forecasting X X
Incentives Tracking** X X
KnowledgeBase X X
Literature X X
Quote Management X X
Support & Case Records X X
Tickets X X
Workflows X X
Advanced Reporting and Analytics X X X X
Email Logging X X X X X
Data Processing X X X X X
Alerts X X X X X
Business System Integration X X X X
Enterprise Alerts X
Event Manager** X
Exchange or Google Sync Services X X X X X
Tour de Force API X
Dodge Data and Analytics Integration X
Lead Forensics Integration X
Marketing & Email Automation Integration X
Phone System Integration** X
Strategic Pricing Associates (SPA) Integration X
Trello Integration X
WordPress API Plugin X
  • ◉ *Premier Edition receives access to all future add-on modules
  • ◉ **Not currently available or has limited functionality on Web
  • Any features not included are available at an additional cost.
  • Pricing provided is Cloud subscription pricing per user per month.
  • Other pricing options available upon request.
  • All third-party integrations require the purchase of their software.

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