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Tour de Force Software Solutions provide Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Sales Force Automation (SFA), Business Intelligence (BI), and Business Process Optimization (BPO) features developed to meet the needs of business-to-business (B2B) selling organizations. Tour de Force BI Software solutions are scalable, giving you the ability to start with basic features and grow into advanced features over time. We have a solution for you, whether your organization is looking for a streamlined business intelligence CRM that will provide meaningful reporting and analytics, a basic B2B customer relationship management system that will allow you to manage the key details of your relationships with customers, prospects, and vendors, or a feature-rich enterprise solution that provides the full functionality of the Tour de Force solution and extends into managing your public jobs, service, annual planning, and much more.

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B2B CRM Software Solutions for your organization.

Tour de Force is a customer relationship manager for B2B (business-to-business) sales organizations. Our B2B CRM software solutions were created for sales teams, with a heavy focus on sales force automation to provide the tools salespeople need to do their job more efficiently and more effectively to close more sales. The architecture of Tour de Force was built to support B2B organizations. Whereas B2C (business-to-consumer) companies are selling to an individual, B2B organizations are selling to other companies. The core customer relationship management (CRM) features in Tour de Force address this distinction as the system was developed to be Account-Centric, with an Account or Company as the core building block of the system. While activities and communication can still be tracked on an individual level with a Contact, all information ultimately rolls up to the parent Account, allowing you to view all activities and communication that have taken place with a customer, prospect or vendor, for a true 360° view.

Our Team

Tour de Force, Inc. has an experienced team of employees who are responsible for the development, sales, implementation, and support of Tour de Force software solutions. We do not view our relationship with your organization as one of supplier and customer; rather, we view our relationship with your organization as a partnership.

Our Goals

The main goal of Tour de Force is to provide an organization with the B2B CRM Software needed to maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of their Sales, Marketing, and Customer Service/Support teams. Unlike other systems, Tour de Force’s software solutions are highly configurable and are configured to YOUR business processes and YOUR terminology during implementation.

Our Focus

Tour de Force was designed to provide the key functionality needed for companies in the B2B sales market with a focus on the Distribution and Manufacturing industries. Tour de Force software solutions is currently being used by Distributors, Manufacturers, Furniture Dealers, Technology Providers, and other B2B organizations.

Our Extensive Integration your ERP System

The level of integration that we provide between our B2B CRM software solutions and your ERP system is unmatched among our competitors. This integration allows us to import accounts, contacts, orders, quotes, invoices, inventory, and purchase orders, along with over 1000 analytical data points about your customers and vendors, every day! Tour de Force currently integrates with over 40 ERP systems and we are continually adding new systems to that list.

Our Integration with Microsoft Outlook

Tour de Force can be accessed through the Outlook toolbar; all key activities that a salesperson performs can be done through this toolbar. This integration expedites the learning curve for your team because they are not required to learn a completely new application. While most other CRM, SFA, and BI software products require the use of multiple applications, the Tour de Force Outlook toolbar integration facilitates high levels of user adoption to remove such redundancies.

Our Proven Implementation Process

At Tour de Force we are proud of our 98% customer retention rate. This success is largely due to our streamlined, simplified implementation process, which guides your team through a successful implementation. Our Consultants each average over 15 years working in the distribution industry, and they ensure that the system is configured to fit your specific business processes, enabling you and your sales team to ignore the technical aspects of the implementation and instead focus on sales.

Our Data Warehousing Capabilities

Tour de Force allows you to create a data warehouse through our extensive integration with your ERP/Business System, phone systems, mail server, shipping systems, and other software systems that you use throughout your organization.

Our Mobility

Tour de Force is accessible online, offline, or through mobile devices, ensuring your data is available 24/7. Tour de Force Web (a mobile option) can be accessed from any device with a web browser, including mobile phones, smartphones, tablets, and laptops.

Our Feature Set

The capabilities of Tour de Force extend far beyond that of other traditional CRM, SFA, and BI products. Tour de Force is truly a Business Process Optimization solution, with features that are designed to improve processes in all areas of your organization.

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