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We specialize in CRM for Distributors. Tour de Force is the only Customer Relationship Management, Sales Force Automation, and Business Intelligence solution provider on the market whose solutions are built specifically for Distributors and the Distribution industry. At Tour de Force, we understand the needs of the distributor and have developed an extensive feature set to meet these unique needs.

The distribution industry is the primary market that we serve: distributors make up 80% of our current user base!

Our Experience in Distribution

Matt Hartman - President of Tour de Force, Inc

Tour de Force was designed by Matt Hartman, the former owner of a Rockwell Automation electrical distributor who had used various CRM systems but found that none met the needs of the distribution industry. He founded Tour de Force, Inc. in order to develop a solution that would fully meet the unique needs of distributors and manufacturers that utilize their own internal sales force, or that sell through a distribution or dealer network.

The Consultants at Tour de Force average over 15 years of experience in the Distribution industry. They use this experience and knowledge to help you identify and fine tune your business processes, configure software for distributors to support these business processes, train your users to utilize the software, and perform ongoing consulting, when needed, to ensure you are gaining the most from your investment.

CRM for Distributors – Key Benefits


Actionable Business Intelligence

Tour de Force seamlessly integrates with your other enterprise business systems, such as ERP/accounting systems, phone systems, shipping systems, etc. This integration provides you with quick and easy access to a wide range of business intelligence, reporting, and analytics, allowing you to analyze sales performance and sales trends at multiple levels across the organization.

Easy to Learn, Easy to Use

While other CRM/SFA/BI products make claims of Outlook integration, Tour de Force sets the standard with our level of integration. This integration with Microsoft Outlook drives user-adoption, saves time on training, and increases the productivity of your sales team by transforming Outlook into a portal that provides a 360° view of all customer information.

Anytime, Anywhere, Any Device Access

Tour de Force Web is available anytime, anywhere, and on any device with a web browser. Designed to provide access to the key features every salesperson in the field needs, Web makes it easier and faster to locate necessary information while on the go.

Advanced Software for Distributors with Features that Address the Complexities of the Distribution Industry

The Tour de Force solution was designed to address the unique complexities of the distribution industry. Our advanced feature set addresses Annual Sales Planning, Event Planning, Project/System Oriented Quoting, Public Bid/Construction Job Management, and Pricing Contract Management. Our Business Intelligence (BI) features are focused on the nuances of distribution, such as Bill To/Ship To, Sales/Commission Splits, Product Manager Rules, Gap Analysis, Job/Opportunity Based BI, and Vendor BI.

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