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It’s Monday. You’re just getting into work – you put your things down on your desk, fire up your computer and head towards the coffee. You could really use some coffee. Thank goodness! They finally restocked your favorite k-cups. You get back to your desk, open up your CRM to check your weekly sales stats and nothing. Not again…

You should be able to rely on your CRM to work for you, you shouldn’t have to work around your CRM. Are you experiencing similar issues? You could do more with your CRM…

One-Step Data Entry

Does your current CRM make you enter data multiple times between leads, contacts, and accounts? With Tour de Force, you only have to enter data once and update the status of the entry. When leads, contacts, and accounts all communicate with each other, it saves you valuable time and frustration.

Eliminate Work Arounds

Does your CRM work for you? Or do you have to work for your CRM, inventing workarounds and inputting duplicate data? You shouldn’t have to clean up duplicate outputs and missing data just to pull a report. With Tour de Force, leads, contacts, and accounts work TOGETHER so that the CRM works for you and makes reporting simple.

A Reliable Solution

Is your CRM “buggy”? Does it crash often? Why put up with something that’s unreliable, you’re literally paying for it. You deserve better, and Tour de Force delivers. Our Cloud CRM removes the need for the IT server and database infrastructure required to run on-premise solutions. Developed for organizations that don’t have an IT infrastructure or IT staff, or who don’t want to deal with the hassle of maintaining server hardware. Tour de Force Web, a browser-based solution available to all users, can be accessed on any device with a web browser. It is device independent and does not leave a footprint or require downloading an application.

Actual Integration

When you first talked with your CRM’s company they probably said: “of course we integrate with your ERP!” Do you still believe that, now that you’re struggling to have your ERP and CRM systems work together? When we say that Tour de Force integrates with over 50 ERP systems, we mean it. With our in-house integration, you won’t have to deal with third-party connectors.

Say Goodbye to “Errors”

Do you get that “error” message when you’re just trying to input data? Say goodbye to errors because with Tour de Force you can customize each lead, contact, and account to fit your business processes.

Customizable Fields, Reports, and Dashboards

You shouldn’t have to customize your business processes to your CRM. Your CRM should customize to fit YOU, and Tour de Force does just that. Export reports that actually mean something to your business and set up your dashboard to meet your needs.

Mondays are hard enough, your CRM shouldn’t be making your job harder. You could be doing more with your CRM! If you’re interested in learning more, Click here to download our “Dare to Compare” guide to see how your current solution stacks up.

Kelsey Hamon

By: Kelsey Hamon

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