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There is no shortage of customer relationship management (CRM), sales force automation (SFA), and business intelligence (BI) tools on the market today. With all the options that are available to your customers, why should you choose to partner with Tour de Force?When comparing CRM systems, whether a company is looking at, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, ACT!, GoldMine, SugarCRM, Zoho CRM, a CRM that is embedded within an ERP system, or even Tour de Force, the basic customer relationship management features offered by all these solutions will be fairly comparable.

Once you move beyond basic CRM, Tour de Force offers 4 key advantages over any other CRM, SFA, or BI solution on the market.

  1. Seamless Integration with Microsoft Outlook

With Tour de Force, a user does not need to have an additional application open on their desktop. All core functions can be accessed through a toolbar that resides within Microsoft Outlook; the most widely used desktop application by sales teams. Outlook Integration drives user adoption, saves time and money on training by providing the tools through a familiar interface, and increases productivity by turning Outlook into a portal that provides a 360° view of all customer information. Although there is a great deal of functionality that is available by using Microsoft Outlook in conjunction with Tour de Force, Outlook is NOT required to run the Tour de Force system.

  1. Full Integration to ERP Systems

Tour de Force integrates to a company’s ERP system. This integration provides a sales team with a single application that they can use to see all sales history and business intelligence for their customers. Tour de Force provides tools that can be used to analyze this business intelligence and identify sales, profit, margin, vendor, and product group trends across various levels of the organization.

  1. Mobility Features

In today’s evolving business environment, the ability to access key information on the go is a driving force behind a sales force’s productivity.  Tour de Force offers mobility features which allow a salesperson to be as productive in the field as they are in the office. Tour de Force Web gives a sales team access to the Tour de Force database through any device with a web browser, such as tablets, mobile phones, smartphones, and laptops.  Offline functionality, available with some versions of Tour de Force, allows a user to continue to work within the application from a laptop when they are out of the office or in an area that doesn’t have access to an internet connection.

  1. Proven Implementation Process

Since 2001, Tour de Force has provided the people, the processes, and the tools necessary for a successful implementation.  Our time tested implementation methodology and processes are designed to get Tour de Force implemented according to the client’s schedule and time frame, while ensuring they maximize the return on their investment in Tour de Force for many years to come. This experience and proven implementation process has led to a 97% customer retention rate. As a Tour de Force Partner, you get the benefit of knowing that your clients are receiving proven implementation services from an experienced team. If you are a Master Agent who would like to provide consulting and implementation services to your clients, we will share this implementation process with you to help contribute to your success.

For more information on Tour de Force Partner Programs, contact Randy Merer, Chief Financial Officer!

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