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Act-On’s platform empowers organizations to engage with buyers across the entire lead-to-revenue process, and they’ve done it in a way that offers simplicity and ease-of-use for the marketer. They’ve built a platform that gives small and medium-sized organizations all the value of marketing automation – without the unnecessary complexity of big enterprise systems.

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AIMS develops and markets a top-tier accounting software solution, COMPAS Commander, for the petroleum market. Sixteen process automation modules also interface directly with Commander’s Core System, delivering increased office efficiency and productivity. In addition, AIMS has developed AutoTax, a stand-alone electronic tax filing solution; AutoSend, a specialized UST fuel inventory management and dispatching system and AutoSIR, an in-house Statistical Inventory Reconciliation solution.

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ecmarket inc. is a cloud-based solutions developer that created Conexiom – a sales order and invoice automation solution for wholesale distributors and manufacturers. The patent-pending Conexiom solution revolutionizes critical sales and accounting business practices by automating manual entry with 100% accuracy. Conexiom effortlessly converts emailed and printed customer purchase orders and supplier invoices into automated sales orders and invoices, enabling companies to focus on driving growth. Conexiom helps organizations across the globe maintain a competitive edge.

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e2b teknologies

e2b teknologies is a passionate and experienced TEAM of industry leaders and business advisers providing high quality, uncomplicated, and innovative ERP AND CRM SOFTWARE built on modern TECHNOLOGY platforms with turn-key CONSULTING and custom DEVELOPMENT services.

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Earnest & Associates are profitability improvement specialists supporting mid-market companies in the wholesale distribution and manufacturing industries. Through E&A’s proven technology solutions, industry thought leadership and strategic advice they can help customers improve performance, thrive on change, and capitalize on new opportunities.

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Lead Forensics software reveals the identity of your anonymous website traffic, and turns them into actionable sales leads in real-time. Their software tells you exactly which businesses have visited your website, and lets you discover business to business leads that your competitors can’t reach.

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Founded in 2003, RRM provides unparalleled distributor marketing expertise from their time as successful executives, advisors, and implementers with MRO and OEM distributors of all sizes in a variety of market segments.

Based on real results that they have achieved in the distribution market, RRM strikes the right blend of strategy, execution, and measurement to transform marketing departments into a profit center. Schedule a free assessment to discuss your marketing challenges.

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ROC Commerce is an enterprise-grade e-commerce software platform that delivers powerful and highly intuitive e-commerce solutions for omni-channel and omni-device needs. ROC combines the best e-commerce strategies into a modern platform that meets the demands of today and scales for the future. It has been selected by over 300 companies around the world, powering thousands of sites, and the ROC Commerce services team has worked with thousands of companies to implement high quality e-commerce solutions.

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SPA is the leading provider of pricing analytics to complex companies of all types: manufacturing, distribution, equipment, services, and software/technology products. Since 1993, they’ve built a strong platform of proprietary analytics to quickly and efficiently help companies convert their own invoice data into pricing architectures that maximize their pricing performance and competitive position.

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Tribute Company-Blue&Gray

Tribute, Inc. develops business management software solutions for industrial distributors, fabricators and system integrators. Their flagship SQL-based product, TrulinX, streamlines daily processes to enable users to operate more efficiently, profitably, and provide a better customer experience.

An innovative and niche-oriented software, TrulinX is laser focused on the automation, fluid power, motion control and fluid handling industries, with industry-specific features that drive growth in tough economic times. A privately-held company, their emphasis is on providing exceptional technology solutions, services and support to their customer base.

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