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New Year, New Attitude

January 2, 2019

Are you one of those people who sets a resolution every New Year and every year without fail you quit before the calendar turns to February? Well, welcome to the club!  Have you ever stopped to think that that the reason our resolutions keep falling through is not our lack of dedication and willpower, but instead our attitude itself? You may find that once you shape-up your attitude, other things begin to fall into place.

So in 2019, instead of pledging to exercise more or eat healthier, commit to improving your attitude and watch achieving your goals this year become a whole lot easier! To help you get started, we’ve come up with 5 simple steps to incorporate into your daily life that will completely transform your attitude:

1. Clean out your space – You’re probably not surprised to learn how a messy and unorganized environment can dampen your mood. Whether it’s your desk at work or your bedroom at home, cleaning and reorganizing your space can brighten up your outlook, leaving you feeling fresh and ready to take on the day. Consistently maintaining a clean space will raise your baseline mood and is one of the most immediate ways to improve your attitude.

2. Schedule time for yourself – While most of us are dedicated to helping our families, friends, and coworkers, it’s important not to forget about self-care.  “Me-time” is usually the first thing to go when the schedule gets busy – scheduling time in your calendar for yourself helps ensure that you still get to do things you enjoy without neglecting your responsibilities. When you have something enjoyable to look forward to, it becomes way easier to approach less-enjoyable tasks with a positive mindset.

3. Write down your goals – We all have goals, but how many of us actually write them down regularly? Revisiting your goals keeps you focused on your main objectives instead of getting distracted by ancillary items that take your eye off the true target. Various studies have shown that people who write down their goals have a much higher success rate than those who don’t – so get writing!

4. Gratitude List – In December, Santa made his list and checked it twice…now it’s your turn! Try creating a Gratitude List and each day add another person, thing, or experience that you are thankful for. As the year goes on, take a look back through your list when you need a reminder of all you have to be grateful for. If you want to take it one step further, try writing a handwritten “Thank You” to a person on your list every week – checkout my last blog post to learn how a handwritten note can positively impact your life!

5. Practice Mindfulness – Our minds are often preoccupied by worries of projects, goals, and relationships. While these things are all very important, it’s also important to step back and focus on the present moment. Try closing your eyes for a minute or two and just count your breaths, listen to your heartbeat, and feel the fabric of your clothes against your skin. When you open your eyes, acknowledge that any negative feelings you have are temporary and that the only thing you can control is your attitude. Taking a second to live in the moment can reset your perspective and leave you with a fresh attitude to tackle the day.

When it comes down to it, even the easiest of New Year’s resolutions are difficult to follow through when your attitude isn’t in the right place. Incorporating these five simple practices in your everyday life can give you the jump start you need to achieve any goal you set for yourself!

Keep an eye out for the launch of Tour de Force’s More than CRM Podcast later this month to hear from the “Authority on Attitude” himself, award winning speaker and author, Sam Glenn!    (Click here to listen to Episode 1 now!)

Kelsey Hamon

By: Kelsey Hamon

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