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If you’ve never been to Connections, you may think that it’s just another user conference. Well, technically that’s true, it is a user conference. But to Connections alumni, it’s so much more.

So what is Connections, really?

A Lesson in Business Process Evolution and Digital Transformation

At work we are consumed, 40+ hours a week, in our daily tasks and sales goals. This daily grind is necessary to achieve those goals, but when our noses are buried we are missing the opportunity in front of us. The opportunity to evolve and make our daily tasks easier. Monday morning, Jay McBain from Forrester Research will kick things off with an engaging keynote all about digital transformation, and how to evolve your business processes to align with this revolution.

A Look into the Future

Connections 2019 gives users the opportunity to have a glimpse into the future of Compass Sales Solutions, MITS, and Tour de Force. There will be Product Roadmap sessions which give you a sneak peek into the future of the sister companies’ products!

A Hands-On Learning Experience

Throughout the conference, Tour de Force employees will be on hand to help you with any questions you may have! Take advantage of one-on-one training during the Open Lab – ask your how-to’s or even just have us show you what’s new!

A Solution Showcase

Current users often go to Connections to see what they may be missing out on! Don’t let FOMO slow you down, at the conference you can learn about the depth of the solutions, and expand your use to better align with your daily tasks! Through the Product Roadmap, user-specific sessions and round tables, you’ll get an inside look at best practices, exclusive demos and learn how to make the solution work even harder for you.

A Darn Good Time

Connections isn’t just a user conference – it’s a darn good time. Whether you’re playing cornhole (or as our mid-western friends call it – “bags”) at the welcome reception, or networking with the after-hours crew, you’ll be sure to leave Connections with new friends and great memories. The unofficial good-time highlight reel of Connections 2018 included: cornhole (bags) at the Welcome Reception, minute-to-win-it games at the User Group Reception, karaoke at the bar, unofficial pool and dart tournaments, a post-bar Steak and Shake trip and a photo scavenger hunt with great tech prizes.

Most may mistake Connections for just another conference, but we like to think of Connections as a break from this fast-paced life, where we learn, laugh, and grow. If you’d like to learn more about Connections 2019, visit our website here, or watch the Connections 2018 highlight reel here.

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Kelsey Hamon

By: Kelsey Hamon

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