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Let’s face it – these days most companies have invested in a CRM tool. The truth is that even though these companies have CRM, they may be overlooking capabilities that would exponentially increase the value of their system. When investing significant amounts of time and money into the implementation of a CRM tool it’s necessary to leverage the most value possible to produce a positive ROI.

Here is our 5-point strategy to maximize the value of your CRM system:

1. Integration

A CRM system by itself is highly valuable – but when it’s connected to your other business operation tools? Priceless. Taking full advantage of integration capabilities that push and pull data from your ERP, Outlook email, and marketing automation, creates a one-stop shop for all the information you need. The increased efficiency of not having to jump between multiple systems immediately creates a positive ROI.

2. Clean Data

Arguably the most vital component of your CRM system is the database. It is important to consistently review and clean your data to ensure the accuracy of this information as it drives decision making. Eliminating dirty data in your system maximizes the efficiency and effectiveness of daily tasks.

3. Push User Adoption

User adoption is necessary for the success of any technology solution in an organization. Having leadership on board and using the tool is important to set a precedent that encourages user adoption. Additionally, hosting regular training sessions for staff gets them excited about using the tool and finding new ways it can help them in their daily activities.

4. Configuration

If your system can be tailored to the way you work, why not leverage that to your advantage? Fitting the system specifically to your needs ensures that you have everything you need, when and where you need it – transforming your team into a well-oiled machine.

5. Mobility

When a system that was heavily invested in can only be accessed in the office it slashes the potential ROI. If you have outside sales reps, or any employees that work offsite, this actionable data is useless when they can’t take it on the go. Taking advantage of the mobile capabilities of your CRM tool gives your access to the information you need, any time, any place, and on any device.

Investing time and money into a CRM tool can be a stressful decision. Knowing how to leverage the most value out of the features and capabilities of your system ensures a positive ROI that takes a lot of the stress off your commitment.

Not sure if you can do all this with your current system? Click here to access our “Dare to Compare” guide to see how your current solution stacks up.

Kelsey Hamon

By: Kelsey Hamon

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