The Tour de Force Marketing Automation Module is designed to provide integration with third-party Marketing Suites.

More and More Integration

Tour de Force offers extensive integration with the Act-On Marketing Platform, HubSpot, MailChimp, and Constant Contact, to meet the most basic to more advanced capabilities. Our integrations allow you to create a mailing list from within Tour de Force using the extensive filtering capabilities in the system, and seamlessly push that list into a third party solution. The integration also imports mailing data from Act-On and HubSpot into Tour de Force, allowing you to track and analyze the key metrics from marketing campaigns, such as open rates, click through rates, and bounce rates.

More Info

If you’re looking for some additional information on the benefits of Marketing Automation please enjoy the following provided courtesy of our Partner Act-On. The power of marketing does not stop with the message you deliver. You must understand and track the interaction of that message to determine the true success of a campaign and Tour de Force can do that in a single location. Understanding the interaction and behavior of your audience is a powerful tool.


The CRM Marketing Automation within Tour de Force consolidates the efforts of sales and marketing teams by giving sales people insights into their prospects’ activities and interactions, allowing a sales person to go to a Contact record in Tour de Force and view email opens, click through, bounces, etc. Tour de Force does work with multiple 3rd Party Marketing Suites, but for an example of what you can expect to see with our integration please view the below video.  

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