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Last update: January 1, 2018

Tour de Force, Inc. greatly values all who wish to view and take part in our websites, and as a result we are committed to providing viewers with the privacy they deserve. The Tour de Force, Inc. privacy statement is a document meant to protect viewers, whether visitors or clients, in terms of their personal privacy. This privacy statement applies to the Tour de Force, Inc. website, to the Tour de Force, Inc. Support website, and to the Tour de Force Connections website.

Information Requested

If a visitor or client is wishing to sign up for a webinar or an email campaign, Tour de Force, Inc. does require the full name, email, and company of the viewer. If a client wishes to attend the Tour de Force, Inc. Connections conference, additional information, such as a list of attendees, phone numbers, and billing information, will be requested. Any information provided is done so with the understanding that Tour de Force, Inc. may contact the viewer in the future with this information. While Tour de Force, Inc. and our partners may use the viewer’s information to contact and market to them, neither Tour de Force, Inc. nor our partners will distribute the viewer’s contact information to any outside parties. The viewer also understands that they can opt-out of being contacted by Tour de Force, Inc. or our partners at any time.

Information gathered using cookies

Through the navigation of the Tour de Force, Inc. website, the viewer’s movements will be documented with the use of cookies. Cookies are sent to the viewer’s computer to follow their clicks and exploration of the Tour de Force, Inc. website, and notify Tour de Force, Inc. what areas of the website are frequented the most. Tour de Force, Inc. logs this information as a reference to locate which areas of the website may need updated or better advertising. Cookies do not identify the viewer to the company, and only work on the particular web browser the viewer chose to use when navigating the Tour de Force, Inc. website. Unless the viewer provides their information to Tour de Force, Inc. directly (through a form, signing up for a webinar or email campaign, or through an event), the viewer remains completely anonymous to Tour de Force, Inc.

The cookies used by Tour de Force, Inc. also will record the viewer’s IP address. The IP address does not provide any personal information about the viewer. The IP address simply provides Tour de Force, Inc. with the region out of which the viewer operated. Tour de Force, Inc. uses this to track which regions of the world by which our website is most frequented.


At Tour de Force, Inc., we take security of our clients’ information very seriously. As a result, we have put in place impeccable security measures to protect this personal data.


Tour de Force, Inc. reserves the right to make changes to this Privacy Statement at any time, with or without notifying the viewer.

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