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With the Super Bowl still fresh in our minds, I wanted to write about the benefits of football marketing. (In terms of the Super Bowl, while I was cheering for the Rams to win, I have to offer kudos to the Patriots for playing a strong game.)

Football marketing? You ask. What the heck is that?

Let me explain. Every football team has two divisions: an offensive line and a defensive line. The offensive line must be proactive and push for touchdowns. The defensive line is on the receiving end of the opponents scoring efforts and defends their half of the field, but also many times score themselves.

Now compare offensive and defensive football to inbound and outbound marketing. Outbound marketing requires your team to proactively reach out to prospects and work to reel them in, doing your best to appeal to their needs and desires. This typically takes place via channels like direct mail, TV and radio commercials, ads, and emails. Inbound marketing entails luring your ideal buyers to you through various channels such as blogs (teehee), SEO, social media, and referral sites, all while putting up a good face for your company.

Both lines of your football team are important to winning a game, just like both types of marketing efforts are important to winning a deal. All stages of football marketing require a specific skillset to drive your leads into the end zone.

  1. Return kickoff with a bang

Kickoff is a great opportunity for each team to display their strengths. The receiving team must run the ball as far as they can, forced to bypass the onslaught of the rushing defense. How kickoff is performed often sets the stage for the rest of the game. Just like football, your initial contact with a prospect can often set the stage for how they interact with you in the future. Successful initial contact requires you to not only shine brighter than your competition but also to share unique content that will intrigue your prospects. If you push irrelevant content to them, you are setting a bad precedent and that prospect may ignore all future communication from you, opt out of your emails, call in and complain, or desert your website and social media pages. However, if you present relevant content that interests and pulls them in, they are more likely to be receptive to future marketing efforts.

Using a marketing automation platform is a great way to analyze how your audience responds to your marketing efforts. Click here to watch our on-demand webinar, 5 Signs You are Ready for Marketing Automation. If you are already using a marketing automation platform, click here to see how integrating Tour de Force can benefit your strategy.

  1. Push for that first down

Once your team has possession of the football, it’s time to hustle for that first down in order to keep the ball and push forward for a touchdown. Getting a first down is no easy task, and often requires up to 3-4 attempts to accomplish progress in the field. If your opponents are trying for a first down, your defensive line must put up a consistent good front and challenge your opponent to the best of their abilities. That being said, realize that your marketing efforts, inbound and outbound, will take time to bring in results. Several attempts will most likely need to be made to reel in that ideal prospect for your business. It’s important to be consistent in your message, both the message you send out and also the message you present when found. Be patient and advance consistently.

  1. Get to the goal line

The whole point of gaining first downs is to ultimately push in for a touchdown. Touchdowns are only achievable and meaningful if both offensive and defensive lines are working effectively towards a win. Scoring points isn’t worth much if your defensive line can’t prevent your opponents from also scoring. Your inbound and outbound marketing efforts must be working in sync to ultimately get a deal in the door.

Getting to the goal line is the most momentous and anticipated moment of the game. Despite what this means, some teams are STILL unable to score, which many times is an indication they didn’t WANT to score badly enough. Make sure your marketing team has the right attitude for going after your wins. Check out our podcast, New Year, New Attitude, to learn how to have a positive outlook even when facing your worst day.

  1. Score!

When a team scores a touchdown, everyone celebrates! And football players love to score with style. Use inbound and outbound marketing to score that big win, and then celebrate with style.

At the end of the day, your company needs BOTH inbound and outbound marketing to increase your sales, so put on your cleats and get to work!

Not sure where to start with your inbound/outbound marketing activities? Join us for our webinar, Inbound and Outbound: Activate Your Dual Powered Marketing, taking place on February 21st at 2:00 pm EST. Presenting will be Act-On’s Karen Casey, Sr. Manager, Channel Enablement and Marketing.

Cassandra Evans

Cassandra Evans is a Digital Marketing Specialist at Tour de Force, Inc. Cassandra is a graduate from the University of Toledo and has been with Tour de Force, Inc. since 2016.

By: Cassandra Evans

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