Google Integration

A key goal of Tour de Force is to increase business productivity, and one of the key ways we help you achieve that goal is by providing software solutions with a Google Sync process. Google Sync can be used to sync Appointments, Contacts, and/or Tasks to a Google Business Account.

Benefits of Google Sync

Drive user adoption and acceptance

Utilizing a software solution that is so closely integrated with a Google Business Account drives high levels of user adoption because it reduces the redundancy that is found in many CRM and BI software solutions.

Ease of Use

A salesperson or customer service representative can perform all key tasks and activities directly through Google without the hassle of having to open a separate application and log their activities at the end of the day. Having a system that is so easy to use delivers immediate value, which rapidly increases adoption and acceptance of the system.

How it Works

A Service Administration utility in Tour de Force is designed to help administrators manage the Google Sync process. After the Google Sync has been enabled and set up, administrators can configure whether to sync Appointments, Contacts, and/or Tasks. The Google Sync in Tour de Force is a push to Google, and not a pull from Google. Only the information inside of Tour de Force is going to sync over to the Google Business Account, but information from the Google Business Account is not going to push to Tour de Force. The only requirement for the Google Sync is that the Google Account being used must be a Google Business Account. A standard Gmail Account is not going to work with the Google Sync.

Although many features are enhanced by the integration with Google Sync, Google is not required to run Tour de Force software solutions. Tour de Force can run as a standalone program.

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