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Most people have an idea of what good leadership means to them – but it’s generally easier said than done. Objectively, a good leader is adaptable, decisive, transparent, and accountable. Not to mention they are always listening to their team. The best leaders inspire and instill passion in their team by setting a strong example. They walk the walk – not just talk the talk. Strong leadership sets the foundation for strong employees, and strong employees produce strong results.

Here are the top 5 qualities of good leadership and how they drive results in an organization:

1. Adaptable – Not only are good leaders not afraid of change, but they welcome it. They know that if nothing changes over time, nothing is improving either. Good leaders recognize when something isn’t working, and pivot quickly to make it work. This attitude inspires their team to continue trying new things and striving for constant improvement rather than the status quo.

2. Decisive – Good leaders aren’t afraid to make decisions – especially the tough ones. They weigh all the options, but know that overthinking does more harm than good. Good leaders don’t hesitate when making decisions because they are willing to make mistakes and learn from them. They have nothing but confidence in their decisions and influence their team to embody the same confidence in their work.

3. Transparent – Communication is key. Employees can’t truly get behind what they’re doing unless they know why they’re doing it. A good leader shares all relevant information at the right time, and is honest when they can’t answer a question. This practice leaves the door open for questions, concerns, and productive conversations, and instills mutual trust and respect between employees and management.

4. Accountable – “A good leader takes little more than his share of the blame and little less than his share of the credit” (Arnold H Glasow). A good leader holds themselves accountable, they give credit where credit is due, and aren’t afraid to take some of the heat off their team when things don’t go as planned. When their team feels supported in this way, they are more willing to work hard, put themselves out there, and strive for success.

5. Always Listening – A good leader is a good listener too. Keeping their ears open for and roadblocks their team might be facing or questions they may have. They always appreciate feedback – good or bad – because they recognize feedback as an opportunity to grow. This allows them to consistently take the temperature of their team and know when it’s time to adjust.

The strength of a good leader is in the empowerment of their team. An empowered team is fearless in their pursuit of success and won’t settle for less. Want to know how else you can empower your team? Join us for our upcoming webinar, Proven Techniques to Conquer Your Daily Roadblocks, OR request a live personalized demo of our system.

Kelsey Hamon

By: Kelsey Hamon

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