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When it comes to the millennial generation, there’s something that preceding generations just can’t seem to grasp – Millennials + Technology. They pick up new products and endless updates so easily. How are millennials so in tune with technology? Since they grew up with modern technology, millennials’ brains formed differently – making technology second-nature to them.

Depending on who you ask, the way millennials utilize technology is construed as either good or bad – but what about the growth that it brings to the table? What is the good, the bad, and the growth?

The Good
Millennials utilize technology to be more efficient, they have online multitasking down pat. This efficiency allows the generation to be more productive in their jobs and everyday life. Need to work remote? No problem for millennials who are used to using technology to stay connected from afar. Millennials also seem to value flexibility, and do not shy away from it in the workplace – could we have endless software updates to thank for this?

The Bad
Is technology making the generation dependent? Millennials have gotten a bad rep for being so-called dependent on technology. What happens when technology fails or they lose “signal”? Does AAA deliver TripTiks? Wait, do millennials remember those? Do they even remember how to communicate when face-to-face? Or is the generation quickly becoming robots who prefer texting and Skype over live interactions?

The Growth
With all the good/bad talk about Millennials + Technology, we often forget about the opportunity for growth! With the ever-increasing use of technology in the workplace, millennials are perfectly poised to take control. Millennials are quick to defend their use of technology, but they are also quick to teach others how to use the tool. Millennials are forcing a technological evolution and the rest of the world must get on board or get left behind.

No matter if you think Millennials + Technology means more efficient/productive or you think of dependent robots, we can all agree that it is causing an evolution. Whether you choose to ride the wave or not is your call, but it’s not slowing down anytime soon. If you want to hear more about millennials, from a millennial, make sure to watch out for our upcoming podcast – Millennials: A New Generation of Human Capital. For an introduction to Spencer English, our podcast episode guest, check out his TdF testimonial on Youtube!

Kelsey Hamon

By: Kelsey Hamon

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