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Marketing Features

“The Business System Integration module in Tour de Force provides us insights to data in our Epicor Prelude ERP system that we didn’t have insights to before. It allows us to analyze that data to see where we need to improve. Tour de Force also provides our Outside Sales team with access to sales data about their Accounts, such as open orders and open quotes. They don’t use the Prelude system, so they completely rely on Tour de Force for access to this key information about their customers.”

Tyra Bean Marketing Manager Pumps, Parts & Service, Inc

Email Campaigns

The Mailer Module in Tour de Force is a marketing feature that gives users the ability to easily and efficiently create direct mail or email campaigns. An Email Campaign can be created for marketing, relationship building, product updates, or any other reason that an organization may have to communicate with their customers, prospects, vendors, or suppliers.

Using the Mailer Module, a user can create a filtered list of recipients based on any field found within the Account or the Contact. When used in conjunction with the Gap Analysis feature of Tour de Force, an organization can create highly targeted email marketing campaigns based on a customer’s sales history.

The Draft Editor feature of Tour de Force gives an organization added capabilities when it comes to managing their email marketing. Using the Draft Editor, an organization can load both .html and plain text emails, and can store frequently used templates that can be conveniently accessed and used by any Tour de Force user. Emails can be created to contain bookmarks, which will insert the values from any user-defined field found on the Account or Contact record.

 Be Efficient

  • Create custom Email Marketing Campaigns with the use of extensive filtering capabilities that allow you to filter on any field found in an Account or Contact.
  • Generate personalized emails, even in bulk email campaigns, through the use of bookmarking features found in the Draft Editor.

Be Effective

  • Increase sales using Gap Analysis to create specialized Email Marketing Campaigns to existing customers based on their sales history.
  • Monitor and track the results of Email Marketing Campaigns.
  • Standardize communications between your employees and your customers through the use of email templates.
  • Manage Opt-Out, Opt-In, or Do Not Send lists.

Template Management

Tour de Force gives companies the ability to create and manage document templates, making it easy for users to quickly generate commonly used documents and automatically populate those documents with data directly from the CRM database.

Templates in Tour de Force is a CRM marketing feature that provides an organization with control over the documents that their employees commonly use, while also providing a simple and easy way for those employees to quickly generate those documents. Templates can be maintained across the enterprise for consistency, and can be saved to specific territories, regions, or branches, allowing the organization to utilize different mailing addresses or logos for the various branches of their organization.

Common uses for Tour de Force Templates:

  • Quotations
  • Product Registration
  • Contracts
  • Letters for correspondence, sales, introductions
  • Business forms for billing and inventory
  • Event Invitations
  • Newsletters
  • Brochures
  • Flyers
  • Postcards
  • Stationary

Be Efficient

  • Tour de Force  users can quickly and easily generate documents to be used in various business scenarios.  Documents are will automatically populate the details from the CRM record that the user is working with (i.e. contact name and address, company name and address, etc.)

Be Effective

  • The leadership of an organization has the ability to establish consistency with regards to the documents that are being used in interactions with Prospects, Customers, Vendors, Suppliers and other various business relationships.
  • Documents generated from templates are automatically saved in Tour de Force CRM, providing other users with the ability to review or refer back to those documents.

Gap Analysis

Gap Analysis in Tour de Force is a CRM marketing feature that allows an organization to review their customer’s purchase history and easily identify where there are gaps or opportunities for additional sales.

Tour de Force integrates to an organization’s ERP system, automatically importing the sales data used in a Gap Analysis report. Using this capability, it’s easy to run reports such as:

“all customers who have purchased product A & B in the last 18 months, but not product C”


“all customers in the Northeast Territory who have spent $10,000 on product A in the last 2 years, but $0 on product A in the last 6 months”.

Be Efficient

  • Gap Analysis reports are easy to create and save for future use.

Be Effective

  • Identify where you’re missing out on sales with your existing customers in order to increase sales and profits.
  • Gap Analysis reports can be used to create targeted direct mail marketing campaigns to generate sales and close the gaps.

Event Management

The Event Manager module in Tour de Force is a CRM marketing feature that gives an organization the ability to create and manage the Events they host or participate in, and allows them to analyze the Return on Investment of that event.

An Event can be a trade show, training event, open house, counter day, golf outing, new product release, advertising campaign, email or direct mail campaign or any other type of Event that an organization wishes to track.

The Event Manager module allows an organization to invite and enroll attendees, plan and record all details of the Event, track Expenses associated with the Event, and track the outcome and sales resulting from the Event.

 Be Efficient

  • Create new Events directly from Microsoft Outlook.

Be Effective

  • Track any and all Event information that is important to your organization through the unlimited use of user-defined fields and/or categories.
  • Review and monitor the Return on Investment of Events, allowing you to focus on which Events are the most effective.

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