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“The additional ability to build and generate custom reports that the BYOR tool offers the user is a valuable step in providing all of our users the information they need to manage and grow their business in a fast paced business environment. We are excited to have this new tool be a part of our overall business strategy moving forward and expect the results to have a significant impact in our long term success.” – on Business Intelligence and Analytics in Tour de Force

Mark Klink Director of Sales Productivity Werner Electric Supply

Build Your Own Reports (BYOR) Module

Making business decisions based on data is very common for all of us. Tour de Force is a tool to extract and present business data in easy to understand reports full of business intelligence and analytics. The Tour de Force Build Your Own Reports (BYOR) tool is a Business Intelligence Module that gives your organization the vehicle to harness relevant data and provides flexible reporting options, with a variety of formats and delivery mechanisms. Whether you need to see your data in tabular, charts, or single value views, BYOR gives you the ability to take your data and create your own user defined reports that are specifically geared to your organization and your business requirements. Having meaningful information leads to more accurate analyses and reporting, resulting in more confident business decision making. And better decisions can mean greater operational efficiencies, cost reductions, and reduced risk.

The integration between Tour de Force and your company’s ERP system provides a wealth of business intelligence and analytics. Collecting the data and effectively managing it to assist in critical business decisions has always been a challenge. The BYOR BI feature overcomes this challenge, allowing you to create, publish, and distribute your own user defined reports that will:

  1. Eliminate the expense and wait time that is normally associated with the development of custom reports.
  2. Empower your management team by giving them direct access to business data in the format they need.
  3. Promote improved operational efficiency with easy to use report writing tools.

In the end, it’s what you do with the data that counts. BYOR will help you “drive” your business decisions by creating reports and dashboards that keep the important information you need to see front and center so you can answer critical business questions now, rather than later.

BYOR provides the ability to develop reports, from simple to complex, giving you complete control over your data.

  • Self-service data reporting
  • Extensive format options to generate charts, reports, or dashboards
  • Mass data retrieval merging Tour de Force and ERP data to one report
  • Access BYOR directly through Tour de Force and Tour de Force Mobile
  • Several options for report distribution

Tour de Force puts you in the driver’s seat with BYOR and brings you a report writing tool that allows you to quickly and easily present your data – your way – when you need it.

  • No need to involve IT or other staff to generate reports
  • Create reports that are easy to view and navigate
  • Faster report processing
  • Immediate data to your decision makers

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