Tour de Force provides extensive Tribute Integration which is the single biggest competitive advantage that we offer to Tribute users! As a Distributor or Manufacturer, your Tribute ERP system is the backbone of your operations. Tour de Force allows you to capitalize on the investment that you’ve already made into Tribute by combining the power of your ERP data with the power of Tour de Force’s robust CRM, SFA, and Business Intelligence (BI) reporting and analytics capabilities.

Tour de Force provides out of the box integration with:

Tribute and TrulinX

How Does Tribute Integration Work?

The Business System Integration module from Tour de Force provides seamless Tribute ERP system integration. On a nightly basis, this highly flexible module imports over 1,000 data points per customer and vendor from Tribute into Tour de Force. The flexibility of the module also allows you to import additional data points on a scheduled basis throughout the day. Many Tribute users choose to sync orders, quotes, contacts, and inventory more frequently.

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Top Features Include:
  • Comprehensive 360-Degree View of Accounts
  • Extensive Outlook Integration
  • Time, Activity, & Email Management
  • Marketing Automation
  • Business Intelligence & Analytics
  • Lead Management
  • Sales Funnel Management

Why do Tribute clients choose CRM software from Tour de Force?

Our CRM solution is purpose-built for the distribution and manufacturing industries, can be installed either locally or in our secured cloud environment, and provides customers full end-user mobility. With our extensive experience and knowledge of your industry, processes, challenges, trends, and technology, our team of experts know how to help you maximize your investment in a CRM solution and achieve greater user adoption.

Distributors and manufacturers who select Tour de Force for their Tribute CRM software typically have the following objectives:

  • Centralize customer information and increase its visibility throughout the organization
  • Track and manage sales pipelines including implementing more effective opportunity management and quote follow-up processes
  • Improve logging and tracking of sales activities and key performance indicators
  • Provide outside sales reps with mobile access to CRM and ERP data through a single easy-to-use, mobile-friendly portal

Tribute Business Intelligence Software

All Tribute BI software programs have the first goal covered. They offer a wide range of reports and analytics that can be used to uncover trends, identify top accounts and at-risk accounts, top product lines, top vendors, etc.
The problem with many of these business intelligence software programs is the second goal – actually acting on that data! Most business intelligence software solutions are standalone applications that require data to be manually imported and exported from your Tribute or TrulinX ERP system, making it difficult to take any sort of structured action on the results. Many BI programs also lack any sort of structured permissions, which means that by giving a salesperson access to the system, you are giving them access to ALL of your organization’s sales analytics.
Tour de Force allows you to efficiently and effectively achieve both goals.

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