Tour de Force provides extensive Infor Integration which is the single biggest competitive advantage that we offer to Infor users! As a Distributor or Manufacturer, your Infor ERP system is the backbone of your operations. Tour de Force allows you to capitalize on the investment that you’ve already made into Infor by combining the power of your ERP data with the power of Tour de Force’s robust CRM, SFA, and Business Intelligence (BI) reporting and analytics capabilities. Tour de Force provides an integrated sales force automation solution that combines our industry-leading customer relationship management (CRM) system, powerful data integration technology (Connector), and reporting and analytics tools (BI) to fully enable your workforce with robust features, functionality, and data anywhere, anytime, and on any device.

How Does Infor Integration Work?

The Business System Integration module from Tour de Force provides seamless Epicor ERP system integration. On a nightly basis, this highly flexible module imports over 1,000 data points per customer and vendor from Epicor into Tour de Force.

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Top Features Include:
  • Comprehensive 360-Degree View of Accounts
  • Extensive Outlook Integration
  • Time, Activity, & Email Management
  • Marketing Automation
  • Business Intelligence & Analytics
  • Lead Management
  • Sales Funnel Management

Customer Relationship Management

Our extensive CRM solution is purpose-built for the distribution industry can be installed locally or in our cloud environment and provides full end-user mobility. With our extensive experience and knowledge of your industry, processes, challenges, trends, and technology, our team of experts knows how to help you maximize your investment in a CRM solution and achieve greater user adoption.

Business System Integration – BI Connector

Not only do we know your industry, we know your Infor ERP with over 15 years of experience specifically integrating Infor ERP systems with our CRM and BI solutions. Our Connector data integration technology comes pre-configured to gather and provide your sales team with visibility to over 1000 key data points from multiple sources by connecting your ERP, email and calendar programs, phone systems, and other ancillary applications and databases.

Business Intelligence

Your CRM and BI users easily access information anytime, anywhere, and on any device through our fully responsive web browser interface. Whether users want to sort, filter, and/or drill-down into data using our BI Summary or view trends and analytics with our Dashboard & Reporting tools, we provide the right tools to empower your users.

15% of our users are Infor customers!

  • Infor Application Plus (A+)
  • Infor FACTS
  • Infor SHIMS
  • Infor SyteLine
  • Infor SX.e
  • Infor TakeStock

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