ERP Integration

Tour de Force provides extensive ERP/CRM integration which delivers dashboards, scorecards, reports, analytics, and KPI tracking, allowing you to spot trends, manage sales goals, and improve the visibility of your quotes and opportunities! No other CRM (customer relationship management) or BI (business intelligence) software is able to compete with our level of integration and the amount of information we make available to your organization. Tour de Force currently integrates with over 50 ERP systems!

How Does Tour de Force ERP Integration Work?

Tour de Force’s seamless ERP/CRM integration imports over 1000 data points per customer and vendor on a nightly basis. During your implementation, our Consultants will work with your organization to determine which data points should be synced more frequently throughout the day, such as orders, quotes, accounts, and contacts.


Advanced ERP Integration Features

In addition to the standard features mentioned above, Tour de Force offers advanced ERP/CRM integration features that are currently compatible with Epicor Eclipse, Epicor Prelude, Epicor Prophet 21, and Infor SX.e. These advanced features are currently in development to be compatible with additional ERP systems as well. 2-Way Contact Sync – The 2-Way Contact Sync keeps Contacts in Tour de Force and Contacts in the ERP system synchronized, centralizing your customer database and eliminating duplication between both systems. 2-Way Quote to Order Process – The 2-Way Quote to Order feature allows a user to get updated pricing in Tour de Force directly from the ERP system, use that updated pricing to prepare a quote, and then convert that quote to an ERP order with the click of a button. Using 2-Way Quote to Order, a salesperson can prepare a quote on their tablet using Tour de Force Web and easily convert that quote to an order in the ERP system. The entire quote to order process can be managed on a tablet or any device with a web browser, and does not require a sales person to have any access to the ERP database.
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ERP/CRM Integration Benefits for Sales People


    Easily access a wide range of sales-based business intelligence that will allow you to spot customer specific sales trends and take appropriate action.


    View sales information such as orders, quotes, and invoice data, from any device that has a web browser.


    All Accounts and Contacts are automatically synced between the ERP system and the Tour de Force database, giving you quick access to all of your key Contacts, whether you are in the office or on the road.


    Automated email alerts let you know when an event has taken place within the ERP system, such as a key prospect receiving a quote or placing an order, or a notification stating that a list of orders are past their required ship date.

  • 360° VIEW

    Access a full 360° view of customer accounts at all times. Everything related to an account, such as sales data, email communications, opportunities, activities, and tasks, is available in one place.

ERP/CRM Integration Benefits for Executives


    Easily create reports and dashboards to track key performance indicators (KPIs). Combine actual sales performance from the ERP system with key activities and sales funnel information, giving you a clear picture across a territory, branch, region, or an entire organization.


    View sales information such as orders, quotes, and invoice data, from any device that has a web browser.


    The extensive data analytics available through our ERP integration provide a high-level analysis of sales, profit, margin, and unit sales starting at the company level. The comprehensive filtering and drill down capabilities allow you to explore much deeper levels of analysis with details of region, territory, branch, salesperson, account, product group, vendor, and item. Not only do you have the ability to look at current sales, you also have access to the prior two years of history and extensive capabilities for analyzing that history, such as custom date ranges, month-to-date, year-to-date, period based sales, and rolling trends.


    Automated email alerts let you know when an event has taken place within the ERP system, such as a key prospect receiving a quote or placing an order or a list of orders that are past their required ship date.


    Increase sales using Gap Analysis to quickly identify customers that are not buying product lines which they should be buying based on their purchase history of other complementary products and/or customers whose purchases have dropped off in certain lines or categories, and create marketing campaigns and strategies targeted at those specific accounts.


    Create a structured process for developing and using sales goals through the use of our Sales Planning module. Set sales goals by region, territory, branch, sales person, or account, as well as create sales goals by product or revenue category, and then easily compare your actual earnings to your goal earnings for sales, margin, and profit throughout the year. This information is not only available to executives, but to sales people as well, allowing you to create a goal planning strategy that drives visibility and accountability throughout your sales team.


    Stop losing visibility to the quotes that your sales team has created! Tour de Force provides the tools that you need to manage and track your quoting process in a more efficient manner.

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