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“Hey, Steve, don’t forget to turn in your sales plans by end of the week!” – Steve’s Boss

Sales Planning – ugh. It comes around every year, and it is absolutely the last thing you want to deal with at the moment. You have a gazillion other projects due, on top of needing to make that vet appointment for your cat. Why does Sales Planning have to be so difficult?

What if we told you….. there’s a better way to sales plan.

The scenario:

Sales Planning is an event that most Sales Managers and Executives approach with dread.  There are endless spreadsheets, files, and folders.  You may have to pull data from several different applications within your organization.  You have to deal with the frustration of waiting for sales people to turn in spreadsheets or compile data.

The solution:

The Sales Planning Module in Tour de Force makes this once tedious process, easy! Tour de Force integrates to your ERP system, providing comprehensive reporting and analytics capabilities.  The Sales Planning Module allows you to enter sales goals by territory, region, customer account, or salesperson.  It also allows you to create sales goals by product group or revenue category within each territory, region, customer account, or salesperson. Once entered, you have real time analysis through the year on your actual numbers versus goal numbers, without any manual updates to the plans. With Tour de Force, you can say goodbye to spreadsheets and headaches, and hello to more time open for your other projects!

See what one of our customers has to say about this helpful module:

“In the past our planning system consisted of utilizing our ERP system, Excel documents, and an old CRM package.  Since we plan by customer by product category utilizing these three items made sales planning very cumbersome and the efficiency of reviewing the plan to actual as the year progressed was awful at best.  These issues made the sales plan in actual practice something that the sales force viewed as busy work at the end of the year that they never followed during the year.

With TdF [Tour de Force] integrating the sales plan, our ERP information and the sales force actions, the sales people are able to track their sales to budget on a daily basis along with their actions/opportunities to achieve the results they want.  These qualities are allowing us to focus less time on seeing if results are being achieved and more time focused on the sales process and achieving the results we want.

The overall process has been a rewarding experience for both the sales force and for management.”

Steve Roe, Vice President | Heating and Cooling Supply

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Cassandra Evans

Cassandra Evans is a Digital Marketing Specialist at Tour de Force, Inc. Cassandra is a graduate from the University of Toledo and has been with Tour de Force, Inc. since 2016.

By: Cassandra Evans

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