Customer Referral Program

At Tour de Force our best leads come from you! We love it when our clients share their positive experience with others and recommend the Tour de Force Solution. When you promote our brand, we want to thank you with rewards.

Help us out and we’ll help YOU out. If you know someone who is interested in the Tour de Force product and you want to be rewarded for your referral, here’s what you have to do:

Provide a “Warm” Referral

  1. To qualify as providing a warm referral, provide an email introduction to a prospect (who is not currently in an active sales process with us).
  2. Please add both of the following emails in the CC line: Trent Thompson ( AND TdFReferrals (
OR Schedule an introduction conference call between Tour de Force (Trent Thompson or Matt Hartman) and the prospect. To schedule the call, please call Tour de Force’s main line at (419)425-4800.

For your Generosity

If Tour de Force is able to qualify the prospect you provided, as your reward you can choose one of the following options:
  • – 10 Support Credits
  • – 50% discount on one Connections Conference Pass
IF your referral results in a Closed Deal for Tour de Force, as your reward you can choose one of the following options:
  • – 10 additional Support Credits (20 credits total!)
  • – 50% additional off one Connections Conference Pass (equaling one free pass to the conference!)
  • – Half-day ASR
In addition to the above benefits, you also will become eligible for the Biggest Advocate award handed out at the Connections Conference every year!
Do YOU know someone who is interested in the Tour de Force product that we aren’t currently talking to? Send an email or set up a call and take advantage of these awesome rewards TODAY! Have questions about this offer? Please contact Ashley Diller ( for more information. P.S. There is NO CAP on this offer! You get rewarded for every valid referral you send our way, so refer away!

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