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At Tour de Force CRM, we have spent the last 10 years building and expanding our feature set based upon the input of hundreds of distributors and manufacturers. Today, Tour de Force CRM offers the most extensive feature set available to the Distribution & Manufacturing industries.

A few of the key features offered through our extensive integration with your ERP system are:

  • Gap Analysis – Allows you to review your customers purchase history, and easily identify where there are gaps or opportunities for additional sales.Quickly and easily run reports such as “all customers who have purchased product A & B but not product C in the last 18 months” or “customers in territory X who have spent $10,000 on product A in last 2 years, but $0 on product A in last 6 months”.
  • Tour de Force Mobile CRM – Provides your users with anytime, anywhere access to key CRM data as well as customer sales history and sales data directly from your ERP system.
  • Advanced Reporting & Filtering Capabilities – Quickly and easily generate sales reports by sales person, branch, territory, region, or for the entire company, with the ability to filter on any field found in Tour de Force.Save frequently used filtering or reporting criteria with the option to provide convenient access to all Tour de Force users.

If you’ve already invested in a solution that is simply not delivering the value you expected, or you’ve just started to evaluate the CRM options available that will seamlessly integrate with your ERP software, we’d like to provide you with a brief introduction to the Tour de Force CRM solution. Find out today why Tour de Force has become the CRM solution of choice in the Distribution & Manufacturing industries.

“Tour de Force provides our company with an easily and highly customizable package with the added benefit of tying specifically with our Eclipse ERP system, allowing us to track what we deem important. The support team is top notch and provides a level of professionalism rarely seen in the software industry.”

Chris Bohn
Director of Information Technology

Ashley Parinello

Ashley Parinello is the Senior Digital Marketing Specialist at Tour de Force and has been with the organization since 2010. She is a graduate of The Ohio State University.

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By: Ashley Parinello

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