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Tour de Force not only offers BI for IT companies, featuring sales force automation, database management, and Opportunity management, but also an advanced CRM Technology that allows an organization to manage and track Support cases and Tickets.

Tour de Force, Inc. not only designs, develops, sells, implements, and supports Tour de Force CRM, SFA, and BI software solutions, we also use the system to manage and support all of our internal activities. Since 2001, we have continually added features and functionality to the system in order to support our own evolving needs as a technology CRM organization, the result of which is a fully functional CRM, SFA, BI, and BPO system that is perfectly configured to meet the needs of similar organizations.

Key Benefits for Technology Organizations


Actionable Business Intelligence

Tour de Force CRM Technology seamlessly integrates with your other enterprise business systems, such as ERP/accounting systems, phone systems, shipping systems, etc. This integration provides you with quick and easy access to a wide range of business intelligence, reporting, and analytics, allowing you to analyze sales performance and sales trends at multiple levels across the organization.

Easy to Learn, Easy to Use

While other CRM/SFA/BI products make claims of Outlook integration, Tour de Force sets a whole different standard with our level of integration. This integration with Microsoft Outlook drives user adoption, saves time on training, and increases the productivity of your sales team by turning Outlook into a portal that provides a 360° view of all customer information.

Anytime, Anywhere Access

Tour de Force Web is available on any device with a web browser, and is designed to provide access to the key features that a distributor sales person needs while in the field.

Advanced Features for Technology Organizations

We have designed Tour de Force to meet many of our own unique needs as a technology CRM organization. This advanced feature set addresses Support/Case Management, Ticket Management, Product Registration, Contract Management, Knowledge Base Management, Asset Tracking, Project Management, Workflows, and the Tour de Force API.

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