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The Manufacturing industry is the backbone of all other industry operations. As the most important part of the industry cycle, it is important for Manufacturers to have up-to-date and accurate data about their materials, products, equipment, buyers and sellers. The Tour de Force CRM for Manufacturing enables your company to stay readily informed, ensuring that you are always one step ahead.

Key Benefits of CRM for Manufacturers

Actionable Business Intelligence

Tour de Force CRM for Manufacturers seamlessly integrates with your other enterprise business systems, such as ERP/accounting systems, phone systems, shipping systems, etc. This integration provides you with quick and easy access to a wide range of business intelligence, reporting, and analytics, allowing you to analyze sales performance and sales trends at multiple levels across the organization.

Easy to Learn, Easy to Use

While other CRM/SFA/BI products make claims of Outlook integration, Tour de Force sets a whole different standard with our level of integration. This integration with Microsoft Outlook drives user adoption, saves time on training, and increases the productivity of your sales team by turning Outlook into a portal that provides a 360° view of all customer information.

Anytime, Anywhere, Any Device Access

Tour de Force Web is available anytime, anywhere, and on any device with a web browser. Designed to provide access to the key features every salesperson in the field needs, Web makes it easier and faster to locate necessary information while on the go.

“Tour de Force has enabled our management team to actually “manage” instead of just being firefighters.  With features like the Alerts & Notifications we are able to identify trends, either up or down, with both products and customers in a timely way that allows us to take advantage of those trends now rather than 6 months later.  Tour de Force has also drastically reduced the amount of time spent by both the salesmen and management “reporting” on activity.  With the real time visibility of tasks, appointments, notes, emails, and other activities, we no longer have the need for “reports” and this means more time doing our jobs instead of making others aware of our movements.

I recently attended a large trade show armed with Tour de Force Mobile and it was the most productive trade show I have ever attended.  Before stepping into a customer’s booth I was able to view all of the contacts at that customer as well as recent activities and notes made by our sales staff.  Rather than stepping in there with, “Hello, you guys buy some stuff from our company” I was able to go in with “Hello, we have been working with your engineer Jeff on making some improvements to your hydraulic system.   We appreciate the opportunity.”  In just a quick glance of the Tour de Force Mobile application I was able to become very familiar with each company I visited and make the most of my time in front of them.”

Chris Restorick, Sales – Tompkins Industries, Inc.

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