Companies who begin looking for CRM (customer relationship management), SFA (sales force automation), or BI (business intelligence) software solutions soon realize that there are an almost unlimited number of software providers. Many of these providers make the same claims to the functionality of their solutions, making it very difficult to select the best solution.

Why do companies convert to Tour de Force from other CRM/SFA/BI software solutions?


Many CRM, SFA, and BI solutions are only available as a cloud/SaaS (software-as-a-service) subscription. Similar to the concept of leasing a car, you pay and pay, but never own anything. Our clients have found that their 5 Year Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) is much lower with Tour de Force than with subscription only software products. Many CRM providers’ advanced features, along with features specific to the Distribution and Manufacturing industries, are available only by paying a partner for custom development work. Tour de Force was developed specifically for the Distribution and Manufacturing industries, and offers an advanced feature set that is available without requiring customizations.

ERP Integration

Many CRM, SFA, and BI systems “can” integrate to your ERP system. To do so, they will refer you to a partner to have the integration custom built, and you will need to be able to fully define how you want that integration to work. Tour de Force has clients who spent tens of thousands of dollars with other CRM software providers before giving up on integrating the CRM system to their ERP system. When these clients convert to Tour de Force, they are shocked at our “out of the box” ability to integrate with their ERP/back office systems. Tour de Force integrates with over 45 different ERP systems WITHOUT any customization fees. This integration extracts data from your ERP system and pre-calculates over 1,000 key data points about each one of your customers, every single day. We also provide many ways of reporting, analyzing, and distributing that powerful back office data through our Alerts & Notifications features, our unique grid and view management capabilities, and our Build Your Own Reports (BYOR) Module.

Email Logging

Many CRM systems offer the ability to log emails. In most of these systems, however, users either have to add a custom email address to the BCC: field of outgoing emails, forward incoming emails to a custom email address, or purchase a 3rd party add-on. All of these methods have limitations, and none support domain level email logging, which logs emails at an Account email domain level AND Contact level. Tour de Force offers a fully automated domain level email logging feature which requires your users to take no extra actions beyond sending and receiving emails as they normally do. Our email logging service automatically scans every email that passes through your mail server. If it finds a Contact email address or an Account email domain that matches what is found on the email, it automatically links a copy of that email to the Contact and Account. We also offer a flexible set of company preferences that allow you to specify emails and email addresses which should not be logged.

Outlook Integration

The ability to integrate with Microsoft Outlook is an important factor for many companies who purchase CRM, SFA, and BI solutions. Many companies who purchase other solutions are disappointed to find that the integration does not meet their needs and does not allow a salesperson to operate directly from Outlook without having to login to a separate application. The Tour de Force toolbar is loaded directly into Outlook, and the key activities that a sales person does on a daily basis are able to be done directly from this toolbar, reducing the time spent on administrative tasks and increasing the amount of time spent generating sales. We take our Microsoft Outlook integration one step further by combining the power of Outlook with the power of our automated email logging service. These two features allow a user to access an email from within Microsoft Outlook and then provides them with a set of views and actions that can be accessed for the CRM contact without ever leaving Outlook. This includes viewing historical items such as past emails, activities, sales history, opportunities, etc. The user can also take action, such as scheduling an appointment or task, or creating a new opportunity, expense, or quote.

Ability to Analyze Data

Companies who purchase other CRM systems have found it challenging to both access and analyze information from within the system. They have found that there isn’t an easy way to mine through their CRM data, and that they have to request the creation of custom reports if they want to see large datasets. Tour de Force makes it easy to analyze and filter through large datasets, without requiring the creation of custom reports. The Tour de Force Info Center and our unique system architecture support the ability to create default views in order to access and filter down to the exact data that a user needs to see. These views can be created for company-wide use, or can be created and saved by individual users for their own personal use.

Configuration Capabilities

Other CRM, SFA, and BI solutions provide very little, if any, configuration capabilities. SaaS/cloud services specifically are for the most part a “one size fits all” design, leaving very little ability to configure the system to best fit your company’s individual requirements. Tour de Force is a highly configurable application that makes extensive use of user-defined fields and flexible set-up options throughout the system. Every client who uses Tour de Force is able to fully configure the system to fit their needs and requirements.

Ability To Address Needs

The BI capabilities within other systems are very limited in handling some of the unique reporting needs required by Distributors, such as the ability to analyze sales information by BillTo and ShipTo, and the ability to manage commission level reporting based on commission splits, which comes into play with product managers and accounts with multiple sales reps. Tour de Force fully addresses these unique reporting needs, which are very important to distributors who need to accurately report on their sales.

Depth of BI Data

While many BI systems provide a good high level of sales based data points to a sales person, the breadth and depth of data provided does not compare to what is delivered through the Tour de Force solution. Tour de Force provides detailed information on Orders, Invoices, Quotes, along with Inventory and Vendor based BI.

Flexibility of Analytics

In many BI systems, the flexibility in how a company analyzes information is very limited or even non-existent. Each time a user accesses the system they are required to apply filters and sorts to get to data. There is not method for a user to save a view and access the same dataset at a later time. Tour de Force makes it easy to analyze and filter through large datasets, with the ability to save those filters for future use. The Tour de Force Info Center and our unique system architecture support the ability to create default views in order to access and filter down to the exact data that a user needs to see. These views can be created for company-wide use, or can be created and saved by individual users for their own personal use.

Lack of Data Delivery Service

Many software systems do not have any features that allow information to be pushed directly to a user’s inbox. Instead all information must be pulled on-demand from within the system. Tour de Force provides an Alerts feature that delivers dashboards and reports directly to a user’s inbox on a scheduled basis, and gives them the ability to take direct action on that information from within the email report.

Lack of Advanced Features

When implementing a CRM/BI solution, it is often the advanced features that drive high user adoption and position the application as mission critical for the users to perform their jobs. Many basic CRM/BI/SFA solutions lack these advanced features. Tour de Force often becomes mission critical to our clients as a result of our advanced feature set, which includes Quoting, Job Management, Reporting, Support/Case Management, Literature Management, Marketing Automation, and many other features.

Integration to Third Party Data

Many CRM solutions do not provide any integration to 3rd party data sources to be able to combine with the CRM or ERP data to provide reporting metrics across multiple data sources in the organization. In addition to integrating with over 45 ERP systems, Tour de Force also provides integration with 3rd party data sources such as phone systems, shipping systems, construction project job boards, etc.

Does this sound familiar?

✔ You’ve invested time and money into a CRM or business intelligence software system that simply isn’t working for you.

✔ You’d like to change, but you’re stuck in a contract for the next 6, 12, even 24 months.

✔ You’re still waiting for your CRM/SFA system to integrate with your ERP/back office business system.

Tour de Force is here to help.

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