October 1 – MRH Technology Group was Founded & development began on Tour de Force Software Application


January – V1.0 is Released


January – Tour de Force Platinum is released


MRH Technology Group becomes Tour de Force CRM, Inc.


Moved to current location: 14601 County Road 212 Findlay, Ohio


April – Tour de Force Cloud is released


Tour de Force celebrates their 15 year anniversary!

Matt Hartman, President, Chief Revenue Officer and Founder of Tour de Force, was raised in the distribution industry. As the former owner of a Rockwell Automation Electrical Distributor that had been run by the Hartman family for close to 50 years, Matt spent most of his time working in sales and managing a sales team. One of his greatest struggles was the ability to efficiently and effectively manage a sales team while also providing them with the tools to manage themselves.

During his tenure at his electrical distributorship, Matt tried to implement various contact management software products such as ACT, ECCO, and GoldMine, but none of them were built to work in a business-to-business selling environment. All of the solutions he tried were contact-centric and did not integrate to the distributor’s primary ERP system to provide value to the sales team while also giving them access to everything they needed to know about their accounts, anytime and anywhere.

After selling his distribution company in 1997, Matt spent the next several years involved in various consulting engagements with Rockwell Automation and Schneider Automation that were focused on the training of salespeople in the industrial distribution industry. As part of these consulting engagements, Matt tried once again to use GoldMine to manage the relationships with the distributors and integrators that he was doing business with. Once again, Matt experienced the frustrations related to these solutions that were not built for sales in the B2B industry.

It was around this time that Matt met with Tour de Force’s lead developer and scoped out what he wanted in a solution that would provide sales force automation along with CRM capabilities. One of the fundamental requirements that Matt recognized was the need for the system to be based around the framework of Microsoft Outlook. He knew that the one application that everyone in an organization uses continually is Microsoft Outlook, and he didn’t want them to be required to have an additional application open on their desktop.

Since 2001, Tour de Force has evolved and grown based on the input of hundreds of distributors. Today, it is a robust software solution that drives an organization to be more efficient and more effective by providing a wide range of tools in customer relationship management, business intelligence, and sales force automation. As the product has evolved, so has the Tour de Force user base, which now consists of distributors, manufacturers, construction companies, furniture dealers, and other various B2B industries.

Matt and his family

“The evolution of Tour de Force over the last 18 years has been very rewarding. There have been many challenges along the way but through it all, with great business partners and employees, we have been able to continue forward in a positive direction. After a 3 year long journey to become a “cloud first” platform we are very excited with what lies ahead for the Tour de Force family of business partners and our employees.”

-Matt Hartman, Founder/President/CRO

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