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A Microsoft SQL Server (pronounced “sequel”) is a piece of software that is installed on a Windows server. The purpose of the SQL Server is to host a collection of information that is relevant to a company. In the case of Tour de Force, the SQL Server will house the majority of the data in addition to telling the Tour de Force program how to access (index) the information faster.

Tour de Force relies heavily on a Microsoft SQL Server to host the database that Tour de Force runs on. In order to achieve optimum speeds and performance, it’s important that the hardware and software are able to handle the work load. In this article we will look at the different editions of SQL that companies can choose from, and what factors should influence that selection.

There are many different versions of Microsoft SQL available for purchase, and if a SQL Server is not currently present in the environment that Tour de Force is going to be installed on then one will need to be selected. Microsoft SQL Server Workgroup editions 2008 and newer are supported versions for the Tour de Force database to run in. A best practice when selecting a Microsoft SQL Server edition is to evaluate upfront costs with a consideration of long term capabilities for expansion.

The Microsoft SQL Server Workgroup edition is the entry level SQL Server that is supported for the Tour de Force database. There are limitations with this edition in that there are only 2 CPUs and 4GB of memory. This edition is ideal for small companies who will have less than 10 Tour de Force users, but keep in mind that room for future expansion is extremely limited.

The next step up is the Microsoft SQL Server Standard edition. With this edition, the maximum CPU support is 4, memory is up to 64GB, and the database size is 524PB (petabytes). The Microsoft SQL Server Standard Edition is a very good fit for companies who may be starting out with fewer than 10 users, but would like room for future expansion. With this edition a company would be able to grow their Tour de Force user base up to 50 users.

The top level selection would be the Microsoft SQL Server Enterprise edition. This edition supports up to 8 CPUs, 2TB (terabytes) of Memory, and 524PB (petabytes) for the database. The Microsoft SQL Server Enterprise Edition has multiple features and capabilities that aren’t offered in any other Microsoft SQL Server edition. By investing in the enterprise edition, there is a wide capability for future expansion, and a company can focus solely on the functionality they wish to gain from Tour de Force.

To see more information about the different Microsoft SQL Editions click the link below.


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