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How do you stay connected when you’re out of the office for the day, or on a business trip? What better way to stay connected with your customer database than by using a solution that can be accessed on any device with a web browser? Tour de Force Web is a browser based CRM/SFA solution that allows remote users access to almost all of the features of Tour de Force without having to use a laptop or the Offline Sync process. Our Web CRM solution is lightning fast, giving you a 360 Degree view of your data. With Tour de Force Web, you have the ability to create, edit, and view information in Tour de Force without being connected to the Microsoft SQL Server. Changes or updates made to any data within Tour de Force Web are automatically applied to the central database without requiring any type of sync.

Here are a few testimonials of current customers who regularly use Tour de Force Web:

“Life without Tour de Force would be unthinkable for us as our Client Managers visit an average of six customers and/or prospects each and every day.  With TDF Web (which we have been using for several years on tablets in the field) our Client Managers are armed with a world of real time information.  The information available to them is critical to keeping our business on track and allows us to grow the business through Gap analysis and other features.”

Andrea Karsian | CEO | Wholesale Auto Supply Co.

“We use TDF Web in a non-traditional way.  We not only use TDF as a contact and quote management tool for sales, but we also have expanded into our Service department including all  invoicing, preventative maintenance contacts and service scheduling plus historical record keeping.  TDF Web allows us to capture customer’s signatures, to have same day invoicing of all our customer’s air compressors and pumps service and repair jobs,  minimizing errors  and improving cash flow.  TDF Web has significantly increased the productivity of both our Sales and Service team when in the field, and has made us more responsive to our individual customers’ needs. And being able to build it around our business processes has allowed us to integrate and organize almost all our operations within one software. Thanks to TDF, we are a small business aggressively competing way outside our weight class.”

Ron Welser | President | A-L-L Equipment, Inc.


When you use Tour de Force Web, you’re choosing to take advantage of the best option for staying connected while away from your central database. The decision to stay connected keeps you prepared and up-to-date on all customer information, ensuring you are never caught off guard. Make the choice to use Tour de Force Web today, and view your data Anywhere, Any time, on Any Device.

Click here if you would like to learn more about Tour de Force Web. If you have any questions about Tour de Force Web or the Tour de Force Desktop solution, contact us or sign up for a live demo!

By: Cassandra Evans

With so many CRM and Sales Force Automation (SFA) software packages available today, it can be a daunting task to figure out which one is right for your distribution business.

Whether you and your company are brand new to CRM or you’re an experienced user who is unsatisfied with your current product, this guide will help you during your selection and review process. It will cover six important areas to consider when looking at CRM providers and supplies questions to ask when interviewing or reviewing different CRM offerings, in order to ensure that you select the right CRM for distributors and the distribution industry.

Today we will review the 3rd area to consider when selecting a CRM solution.

Area 3: Mobile CRM

What’s the importance of mobile access to CRM data, and how can I ensure that my sales team will be able to access the key information they need while in the field? 

Time is money.  In today’s hectic world, your sales team needs to be able to take advantage of mobile technologies to arm themselves with the data they need to close more sales in a shorter time span.

Most CRM systems provide basic mobile CRM capabilities such Account and Contact information for your mobile devices. They may also provide Opportunity Pipeline information. The real question is whether the systems you are looking at will provide your sales and sales management teams with live customer sales data, allowing them to maximize their effectiveness and compress your sales cycles.

To gain maximum effectiveness from their mobile devices, sales should be able to quickly look up an Account, see the customer’s sales history, and determine the specific areas where they are not getting business. The mobile CRM should then allow them to look up the appropriate Contacts that handle that portion of their business, call or schedule Appointments, enter tasks and expenses, and review past communications with that Contact.

CRM Interview – Ask these questions to determine if the CRM system provides mobile access to the key data your sales team needs:

  • Does the CRM system provide complete sales data directly from the ERP system to our mobile devices?
  • Will sales be able to quickly see what has been ordered in the last few days, months, or years, saving them the need to tie up inside sales representatives with these questions?
  • Can sales easily see each unique customer Opportunity, the sales stage it is currently at, and launch a next action from their mobile device?
  • Can the sales call Activity be quickly logged into the mobile device of Field Salespeople when they come out of the call?
  • Can new Outlook Appointments or Tasks be scheduled directly from the customer Opportunity within the mobile device?
  • Can Sales perform a quick Stock Check of available inventory from their mobile device while standing in front of the customer?

Download the full Guide to Selecting a CRM for your Distribution Business.

By: Ashley Parinello

Integrate your Business System with your CRM Solution

We recently exhibited at the Activant Summit and Prophet 21 World Wide User Group conferences at the Gaylord Palms Resort & Convention Center in Kissimmee, FL. The turnout was awesome, and we had a great time meeting so many prospective customers and having the chance to demonstrate the power of the Tour de Force CRM/SFA Solution.

Congratulations to David Robbins, IT Manager from IPS Packaging, who was the winner of our Apple iPad drawing! All David had to do was to stop by our booth and drop off his business card, and he’s walking away with a free iPad! (And what better way to access TDF Mobile, our mobile CRM solution, then on an iPad?)

If you were at the show and were too busy to check us out, don’t worry, we are always more than happy to schedule live product demos at your convenience. Contact us today to set it up!

By: Ashley Parinello

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