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A new year is upon us and many business professionals are looking for ways to save time in the workplace in order to get more done
during the day and calendar year. Saving time on mundane tasks leaves opportunity for more sales, and more sales means more revenue.

If saving time is a goal for your organization this year, consider these 5 ways that Tour de Force can help you manage time better and generate more sales.

1. Alerts & Notifications
Alerts & Notifications delivers automated email reports to Tour de Force users on a daily, weekly or monthly basis depending on the time requirements of the associated information. Rather than waiting for someone to create and send the report manually, Tour de Force compiles the information and automatically sends it out to specified users.

2. Build Your Own Reports (BYOR)
BYOR enables organizations to build reports based on relevant data with flexible reporting options. These reports can be designed for executives, various levels of management and sales representatives. For example, BYOR can calculate and report on goals versus actual sales, or even sales commissions per rep. These reports can be automated and set as the home page when users initially open the Tour de Force Info Center. This frees up time for employees to perform other duties rather than building manual reports day in and day out.

3. Grid Management with Short Cuts
Tour de Force is built with grids to allow for easy access to any information at any given time. Users can filter and sort any grid within the platform with the ability to save their views for rapid access to that same data at a later date. Specified data can be selected based on various criteria within the grid and the sales data can be viewed for one or more accounts. Furthermore, filtered lists of contacts can be exported for an email blast, or passed directly to Act-On utilizing Tour de Force’s integrated the Marketing Automation feature.

4. Web/Mobile Sales Call Reports with the ability to use Talk to Text
Users can convert appointments and tasks in Tour de Force Web with one button. Users can then select to add notes by selecting the talk to text icon on their smartphones and talking through notes which then appear on screen. Using this capability, sales reps will no longer have to type notes after a sales appointment.

5. Global Search with Recent Items and Favorites including Inbox Navigation
Users can save time looking for information needed on a daily basis by using the Global Search, Recent Items and Favorites from the Outlook toolbar, Tour de Force Info Center and Web/Mobile. The Tour de Force system automatically tracks user activity, which is then available to be recalled from Recent Items. Any item within Tour de Force can also be saved as a Favorite. This makes it easier to find information users would like to be easily accessible over time, such as top Accounts. Inbox Navigation allows users to open an account or contact record while viewing an email in Outlook using the Tour de Force Outlook Toolbar. Appointments can also be created from an Outlook email via the Tour de Force Outlook Toolbar.

We all want to save time and sell more. Tour de Force allows you to save time by automating every day processes, freeing you to generate more sales to meet or exceed your 2016 sales goals! Please Contact Us for more information.

By: Rechelle Bischoff

Have you implemented a CRM system, only to struggle with user adoption? Is your sales team reluctant to use the system because it’s not convenient, takes too much time, or they simply don’t see any benefit in it? Or are you hesitant to invest in a CRM system, fearing it will fail?

Tour de Force CRM was developed with the explicit understanding that a CRM that does not deliver immediate value to its users will ultimately fail.

Tour de Force delivers immediate CRM value to your sales team by giving them the tools they need to be more efficient and more effective, which in turn drives the biggest motivator for a sales person – their paycheck.

  • One source for all customer and prospect data
    Tour de Force is built upon the one application that sales people typically keep open throughout their entire workday – Microsoft Outlook. Everything a sales person does in a typical day can be done directly from the Tour de Force toolbar in Outlook, without having to open a separate application.
  • Immediate access to sales data
    Tour de Force integrates to your ERP system, delivering sales history directly to your sales team’s fingertips. This gives them the ability to easily analyze and identify where their potential lies and where they’re losing sales.
  •  Anytime, anywhere access
    Users can access Tour de Force Online, Offline, or through Tour de Force Mobile CRM, ensuring that they are always able to access the critical data that they need.
  • Focus on delivering value to your sales team throughout the implementation process
    Tour de Force is a highly configurable CRM system, and during the implementation process we work with you to configure the software to YOUR business processes. As part of every implementation, we conduct a “What’s in it for me?” presentation directly to your sales team, before their “Go Live” training session. During this presentation we review the ways in which Tour de Force will immediately deliver value, and also address the reservations that they may be feeling about using the new system.
  • Extensive feature set built around the needs of the sales person
    Tour de Force provides a robust set of features, many of which were developed to specifically address the needs of the sales person. In addition to our existing feature set, we also have some very exciting new features that will be part of our next release:

    • Coming soon…Alerts & Notifications Module
      The Alerts & Notifications module allows a Tour de Force user to receive Email Alerts at timed intervals, or when certain events occur. For example, an Outside Sales Representative can receive an Email Alert any time a new Contact is added to one of his Accounts, or a Regional Account Manager can receive a daily Email Notification that includes all the open orders in her region from the previous business day.
    • Coming soon…Inventory Check
      Inventory Check in Tour de Force will allow a user to perform inventory searches such as Qty. on Hand, Qty. on Order, Qty. Allocated, etc. The Inventory Check feature will be available on Tour de Force Mobile CRM, allowing your sales team to easily access inventory information anytime, anywhere.

By: Ashley Parinello

CRM Alerts & Notifications

November 4, 2011

Manage Sales Effectively & Efficiently

Driving sales revenues to meet or exceed company goals is the primary responsibility of most sales managers. Effectiveness in this role can make or break a company’s financial year. The stakes are very high for all involved…

…yet most companies do not provide their sales managers with live customer sales data (from their ERP systems) and current sales pipeline opportunity management (from their CRM) in a simple, combined way that allows sales managers to excel in their roles.

Progressive companies have moved to CRM platforms that enable an integrated sales management approach fostering excellent salesperson “Coaching” by their sales management personnel. The best of these platforms integrate fully and seamlessly with company ERP databases.

Immediate benefits can be gained with tools as simple as Alerts & Notifications that give sales managers all the live data they need to easily see sales performance, assess current actions by sales, and enable constructive coaching sessions with the sales personnel to drive sales faster and compress the sales cycles. The net result is increased effectiveness from the sales force and new respect for the sales managers from the salesperson’s viewpoint – they are now working constructively as a team to maximize sales.

Here are some simple examples of Alerts & Notifications that can be automatically sent to the appropriate managers on a daily basis by email. No formatting or pushed reports from IT or Operations are needed.

Top 10 Accounts - Email Alert

CRM Email Alerts of Top 10 Accounts YTD

To see more, all the manager has to do is click on the Open link and they are whisked right into the CRM database for the appropriate Account, Opportunity, Activity or other record type that is listed in the Alerts & Notifications. Now they can see any detail they want. This saves invaluable time searching through databases or pushed reports looking for key data. Alerts & Notifications can be set to provide this data to your sales management team on a daily basis or when certain events occur.

Here are some more examples of what is possible when your CRM is integrated seamlessly with your business system ERP:


New Accounts Entered Yesterday

New Accounts Entered Yesterday – CRM Alerts & Notifications | Tour de Force CRM


Sales Pipeline Management is Critical

Pipeline Opportunities Entered Yesterday


Tour de Force CRM Alerts and Notifications - Opportunities Modified Yesterday -

Pipeline Opportunities Modified Yesterday


CRM Alerts and Notifications for your Sales Managers and Sales Teams

New Activities Entered Yesterday in Tour de Force CRM

Imagine the coaching possibilities if this type of data was available for your management team on a daily basis! Envision your sales manager being able to look at key metrics like these on a regular basis – without having to dig through numerous systems and files. Here are just some examples of what is possible:

  • All Pipeline Opportunities that have not moved forward in the sales stage process for the last 30 days.
  • All new Opportunities just entered that are over $5,000 (gives you a reason to strategize with sales to up the odds of closing).
  • All customers that are currently running below 70% of last year to date.
  • All “Key Accounts” that are not tracking at or above YTD Goal.
  • The number of customer Sales Opportunity related calendar appointments scheduled in the last 30 days – by each individual salesperson.
  • All open Opportunities scheduled to close within 30 days.

Alerts & Notifications also allows you to set up email alerts when certain events occur in your business system ERP or your CRM. This means selected people or groups could be alerted when, for example, any new customer order for over $5,000 is received. The Salesperson can now immediately call and thank the buyer, as can company management, building customer rapport and loyalty.
Alerts & Notifications can be set up to alert any individual or group on any data occurrence selected by management. The possibilities are limitless!
Of course, with a CRM that is integrated with your business ERP system data, the manager can easily dig in and find anything he/ she wants about Accounts, Contacts, Pipeline Opportunities, Branch, Territory & Customer Sales Data vs. Goal YTD and anything else within your ERP database and your CRM. Pretty powerful stuff!

Alerts & Notifications are just one of the many ways that forward thinking companies are dramatically increasing their revenue streams and their company profit.
Whether you and your company are brand new to CRM and sales force automation, or you are an experienced user, Tour de Force CRM is glad to assist with consultative business and technical support designed to help you maximize your company sales and effectiveness.

Contact us today for more information.

By: Ashley Parinello

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