Neff Power, Inc.

Neff Power, Inc.

Tour de Force CRM gives you a benchmark and shows you your goals, rather than just flying blind. We look at it and see which areas we need to improve in, so it’s a really good feedback device.

Kevin Hogarth
Operations Manager

Customer Since 2009

24 Users

Epicor Prophet 21 ERP System

Founded in 1965, Neff Power, Inc. is an Industrial Automation Distributor located in St. Louis, Missouri. Their primary focus is Electrical Control, Motion Control, and Fluid Power, and they are a member of the Association for High Technology Distribution (AHTD) and the Fluid Power Distributors Association (FPDA). Neff Power currently has 24 employees using the Tour de Force solution.


From approximately 2000 to 2009, Neff Power used GoldMine for their CRM needs. Kevin Hogarth, Operations Manager for Neff Power, recalls that “GoldMine was really just Contact Management. There was no link between the ERP system and GoldMine, so we were just flying in the dark, having to look up something in one system, and then having to go look for the sales data in the other system. There was really no benefit in it.”


In 2008, led by Hogarth, Neff Power began the search for a new ERP system, and settled on TrulinX to replace their legacy system. After implementing TrulinX, it became apparent to Hogarth that GoldMine was truly not meeting their needs. The lack of reporting capabilities and the inability of the system to tie sales data from TrulinX to the customer record in GoldMine gave rise to operational inefficiencies and created administrative work for Hogarth, who was spending at least an hour every day reviewing daily bookings reports and plugging that data into the CRM system.


Neff Power made the decision to move forward with Tour de Force in late June 2009, and went live with Tour de Force in early September 2009. A key factor in the staff’s acceptance and adoption of the new CRM was Outlook Integration, which is one of the key differentiators of Tour de Force. When speaking about Neff Power’s Tour de Force users, Hogarth states “They always have Outlook open, so Tour de Force is right there. It’s not something they have to go out and open another program to access. They love how they can search their Contacts directly from Outlook. It’s just a little search bar that they can type a name in and go, right from Outlook.”


In addition to the CRM and Sales Force Automation features in Tour de Force, Neff Power has found that they get the biggest benefit from the integration to their TrulinX ERP system. Hogarth explains that “I can go into Tour de Force, and I can see all bookings yesterday for a specific number of territories, then I can drill down into other information that I need, look at open orders, open items, sales history, inquiries, etc. We also look at who are our biggest losers, biggest winners, our accounts that are up, and our accounts that are down. Because of the reporting and the customized views you can create, our president, Kent Wemhoener, spends a lot of time reviewing our sales data in Tour de Force, and that’s what he prefers to look through because it’s easier.”


In the last several years, Neff Power has been able to move from strictly MRO type sales to more specialized larger projects. The addition of new product lines has given them an ideal mix of vendors that allows them to offer total system solutions to their customers. Tour de Force has contributed to this shift by giving Neff Power the ability to track and analyze their Opportunities. They use the advanced profiling and filtering capabilities of Tour de Force to identify buying trends within their existing customer base, and then use that information to market their products and services to similar businesses.

With the addition of Tour de Force and TrulinX to their arsenal, and the increasing ability to provide total system solutions to their customers, Neff Power has been able to avoid feeling the repercussions of the recent economic turmoil. Hogarth states, “Tour de Force gives you a benchmark and shows you your goals, rather than just flying blind. We look at it and see which areas we need to improve in, so it’s a really good feedback device.”

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