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Distributors know that visibility and readability of sales data are critical for success, but many have difficulties achieving the level of visibility they need. Meet Triad Technologies – a P21 user. Triad is an industry leading distributor of hydraulic, pneumatic, and electromechanical technologies and uses Prophet 21 to store sales data.
Like many P21 users, their team had limited access to sales data which caused them to turn to spreadsheets. By the time management got a hold of this information, it was already stale. Since implementing Tour de Force, their team has easy access and visibility to all sales data anytime they need it, saving them time and resources.
Stefany Forkapa, Marketing Specialist at Triad Technologies said, “Only a very small percentage of our sales reps knew how to find sales information in P21. If they wanted sales numbers they had to request a report, but now they can tell you exactly how much we need in the pipeline at any given time to meet our sales goals. Having more precise data and understanding the data is something Tour de Force has helped us with immensely.”
Triad chose Tour de Force CRM for the extensive integration and history with Prophet 21. The tool allows their sales team to easily access the data, on any device, and presents it in ways that make sense to them. Sales managers now know how much they need in their pipeline to meet their sales goals and are able to proactively manage opportunities. Team members can view and extract data without having to request custom reports or data extracts.
Triad’s IT Department described the implementation as “very straightforward” saying that the “development crew and support crew at Tour de Force were really easy to work with and not just because they are good people but because they really understand P21 and how it syncs.”
Post-implementation, the team has up-to-date sales and status information at their fingertips. The ability for everyone on the team to have full visibility of sales data was something Triad never had before. The sales team now has easy access to relevant information, on any device. This improves their effectiveness as well as freeing up internal resources.


Kelsey Hamon

By: Kelsey Hamon

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