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Powered by nearly 20 years of development from Tour de Force and equipped with out-of-the-box integration to over 50 ERPs, BridgIt is an innovative solution that fully integrates the technologies required to capture and analyze Big Data. BridgIt combines the processes of connecting to data sources, manipulating and calculating data, storage in a data warehouse, and consuming the data through advanced reporting and analytics, into one fully integrated solution. The BridgIt Data Warehouse comes preconfigured with nearly 200 tables of data and over 100 standard views that can be used by any third party BI solution or by BridgIt BI, which includes a user-friendly front-end view of data for effortless consumption. BridgIt makes capturing, transforming, storing and consuming data a simple and cost-effective process.

How does BridgIt Work?

As illustrated in the diagram below, BridgIt captures data from an external source such as your ERP, local files, a web server, phone system, or other databases. This data is then modified and filtered in preparation for writing to the data warehouse. Using this modified data as a source, the data warehouse is created by transforming the data into many new calculations and views, for both present and historical data. Finally, the data is delivered to your front-end reporting tool and ready to be consumed.

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