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Bridging the Gap

June 3, 2019

When it comes to choosing a CRM or BI solution you’ll need to figure out how to integrate it with your current ERP system. If you don’t, it’s no better than an Excel spreadsheet. This situation has two solutions: you can either use the CRM or BI’s native integration or you can use a third party integration. Now, there’s no right or wrong answer, but there are pros and cons to both options.

Pros of Third Party Integration:

Integration is the Top Priority
Ever do some deep cleaning in your basement and find an old board game or a VHS tape (remember those?) and can’t wait to dust it off and show it to your kids? A simple treasure like that is bound to bring you closer with your family and give them insight into ‘the way things used to be.’

Fitted to Your Needs
The third-party integration option also comes with the bonus of being able to select a solution that fits your company’s specific needs. You will want to make sure you select an integration option that was developed with a holistic approach. The native integration solution is usually fitted to how the parent company wants users to use their software, not the way users need to use the software.

Cons of Third Party Integration:

Not Directly Supported by the “Parent Company”
Native integration solutions are directly supported by the parent company whereas third-party options usually are not. If you have an issue with the integration functionality while using a third party option you will most likely be stuck playing phone tag with both companies to solve the issue. This can become a sticky, time-consuming mess.

Extensive Set-Up
Third party integration solutions mat require your Development/IT department to use their own resources to get the integration up and running. The native integration solution is customized to fit the CRM or BI solution that you are implementing. This means that you are less likely to face issues when getting everything set up and that the implementation process will go much quicker.

Extra Cost
Most of the time the native parent’s integration solution is free to use when you purchase their CRM or BI solution. If you choose to go with a third party integration solution this is an added cost on top of the CRM and BI solution. If you choose to go with a third party solution make sure to widen your budget.

No matter which option you go with you will be faced with pros and cons. When making the decision, lay out your business processes and see which solution best fits your needs. If you are interested, we’d love the opportunity to help you weigh your options! Want to learn more? Click here to request a personalized demo, OR sign up for our upcoming webinar, Proven Techniques to Conquer Your Daily Roadblocks.

Kelsey Hamon

By: Kelsey Hamon

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