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What is it that you’re looking for in a customer relationship management system? Many systems provide the basics: contact management, perhaps some light integration (assuming you don’t mind the hassle of the 3rd party of course). But if you could have ANYTHING in your CRM system, what would it be?

We decided to compile a short list of our favorite CRM qualities that we think you should consider when building your CRM wish list:

1. Integration (should we specify, ACTUAL integration)

Sure, many CRM systems offer some form of integration to another system, such as your ERP, Outlook, your marketing automation tool, etc. But can they do so without a 3rd party Connector? Can they connect you to multiple systems at once so you can operate completely from a single interface? Each of these factors has a big impact on how well you function within your CRM system. Having true integration with your systems is necessary in order to provide complete visibility of customer, prospect, and vendor data to your team. Finding a CRM company that supports the integration in-house is an added benefit, as it cuts out the middleman when implementing and supporting your integration efforts.

2. Reports and Analytics (with a customizable report builder you can play with all day long)

Oftentimes CRM users find themselves logging their numbers manually in an Excel sheet so that they can turn that into a report for their boss later. Isn’t it time you skipped all that manual work and created a custom report to generate your numbers with a simple click? Having a customizable report builder empowers users to quickly locate necessary data while on the go.

3. Absolute Mobility (but seriously, can you take it with you anywhere)

Ever found yourself on the way back from meeting with a prospective client and all the sudden you remember an important detail they mentioned to you during your meeting? Sure, we all have. Suddenly you’re bringing up your Notes app in your phone and trying to type in all the things they mentioned to you so that you can follow up with an email when you get back to the office. Wouldn’t it have been better to add all your important notes into your mobile CRM system, while still fresh in your mind, before even stepping into your car? Utilizing a CRM system that goes where you go allows you to generate activities, orders, quotes, etc. Real-time while working onsite with your client.

4. Intuitive lead and opportunity management (emphasis on “intuitive”)

When you’re channeling new business into your system, you should be able to document the process from lead all the way to veteran customer and have detailed opportunity records that provide all the information you need along the way. Does this CRM system provide a simplified process of converting someone from lead to customer? Are you able to track all communications with this person and keep an eye on your next touch date? Are you able to set reminders based off of this information? These are all important factors to consider when finding a CRM that can help you fill up your sales funnel. Having a clear path in guiding your prospect toward becoming a happy customer streamlines your funnel and helps you maintain efficiency, and thus provides a positive customer experience.

5. Configurability (customizable to YOU)

Can you configure the CRM system to your terminology and business processes? It can be stressful to have to change the way you and your team operate to match your CRM system. Wouldn’t it be better to find a system that can adapt to what you need, and where you can optimize the mobile screen to see what’s most important to you every day? With a CRM system that you can mold to fit your implemented processes, your team will never miss a beat.

Have you considered these features for your CRM wish list? Have other items we didn’t touch on? Tell us what’s on your CRM wish list with the short survey below!


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Cassandra Evans

Cassandra Evans is a Digital Marketing Specialist at Tour de Force, Inc. Cassandra is a graduate from the University of Toledo and has been with Tour de Force, Inc. since 2016.

By: Cassandra Evans

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