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It’s not hard for prospects to become overwhelmed by the ever-increasing number of marketing campaigns deployed daily. There are several methods to helping your campaign stand out from the crowd, but only one is proven to increase customer engagement more than anything else: personalization. Studies show that 88% of marketers reported a measurable lift in business results. More than half reported a lift of more than 10%, and 10% reported an increase of more than 30%.

Want to see this level of improvement within your organization? Here are 3 fool-proof ways to take marketing personalization to the next level:

1. Customization Fields

In a world of constant spam emails and vague greetings, adding the small touch of personally addressing marketing emails can go a long way. While it has become standard to use customization fields to personalize an email’s greeting (ex. Hello “First Name”), take things up a notch by using additional customization fields to further personalize the body of the email. A simple yet effective way to do this is by replacing any references to “your company” with a customization field that will personalize the text to reflect that contact’s company name. Subtle details like this can make a prospect feel like the content is relevant to them which increases their receptiveness to your message.

2. Vertical Marketing

If your organization has a hand in multiple different industries, then you know marketing to those industries is not always one size fits all. Separating your target audience into focused verticals can increase customer engagement substantially. While vertical marketing can be more labor intensive, requiring the creation of multiple separate campaigns and a variety of content, an increased return on marketing investment for such campaigns will be reflected in open and click rates. Breaking your marketing efforts into verticals allows for messages to target industry specific pain-points or product needs and will resonate more with customers than a general message would. A survey of marketing agencies shows that the most common verticals targeted are Healthcare, Legal Services, and Financial Services, while other popular verticals include Construction, Manufacturing, Wholesale, and Information Technology.

3. PURLs

Goodbye to the days of generic catch-all landing pages, hello PURLs! What in the world are PURLs, you ask? Well, to get technical, PURL is an acronym that stands for “Personalized Uniform Resource Locator” – but we can just stick to Personalized URL. These special URLs allow marketers to generate personalized landing pages for each of their contacts by mapping lists from their CRM system into cloud software. Unique URLs (typically including the contact’s first and last name) are assigned to each contact, so now when John Smith clicks a link from one of your marketing emails, they will be directed to a landing page or micro-site under your domain that greets them with “Hello John!” rather than a generic phrase. The content on this page will also be tailored to their specific areas of interest and stage in the sales/marketing funnel. Other benefits of using PURLs include: more precise response tracking, increase in returning website visitors, and increased security of data collected. Studies show that the use of PURLs can generate an increase in Marketing ROI of 15-50%.

There is a lot to be said for the value of making your audience feel as though messages are tailored to their needs while still reaching out on a mass scale. Still curious about personalization? Register for our FREE webinar “The ROI of Personalized Engagement” with marketing automation platform Act-On! Want to know more about how you can beef up your marketing strategy? Check out our recent article on Football Marketing!

Kelsey Hamon

By: Kelsey Hamon

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