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Basic out-of-the-box CRM systems are great….until they’re not. Every business has two main goals: profit and growth. However, once you have grown to a certain point – the system you chose 2 years ago may no longer be the best fit for your business today. Just like children outgrow their clothing as they grow, businesses often outgrow their software systems.

Having a system that doesn’t quite fit can be challenging and uncomfortable, eating up precious time that could otherwise be well spent. We don’t make our children walk around in clothes that are too small, so don’t do the same with your business solutions.

Not sure where you stand? Here are 3 telltale signs that you’ve outgrown your current system:

1. Finding information is hard and time consuming

Don’t settle for a system that makes you work for your data. If you find yourself jumping from place to place to find the information you need, it’s time to move on. Not only is it a huge benefit to have a reporting dashboard, but it becomes a necessity once your business is at a certain level.

A BI (Business Intelligence) dashboard pulls all of your most important and frequently viewed date into one easy to use hub. Having all information consolidated in one place will give you a much more accurate view of your data, and saves you loads of time. If you can’t see information in easily digestible reports, you could be missing out on important data that would drive intelligent business decisions.

2. Your system isn’t easily integrated with other tools

Like most businesses, you probably use multiple software tools every day. The purpose of these tools is to make your job easier and help you seamlessly work through your processes. When the tools you use are not and cannot be integrated, it creates roadblocks that inhibit you from completing tasks.

Jumping from one system to another to complete a task is a huge time waster and creates opportunities for mistakes to be made. Connecting all your tools creates one central platform and that streamlines your processes and ensures that all data is consistent across the board.

3. You have to be in the office to access data

When a sales rep has to call the office to get information on product availability, that is a major loss of time, productivity, and potential deals. Unless your employees live in the office 24/7, they need to be able to access company data anywhere, any time, on any device. This level of flexibility is necessary to drive efficiency within your organization, allowing employees to access the information they need, right when they need it, no matter where they are.
The software you implemented years ago may not fit your business as it stands today, and is likely holding you back from achieving further growth. Luckily, with custom integration to various tools, a mobile system interface that goes where you go, and complete visibility into company data – Tour de Force is a system that grows with you.

Want to learn more? Join us for our upcoming webinar, Proven Techniques to Conquer Your Daily Roadblocks, OR request a live personalized demo of our system.

Kelsey Hamon

By: Kelsey Hamon

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