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When driving a car we take in visual information in order to make informed decisions on where to go, who to avoid, and how fast we should be traveling. We don’t drive blindfolded – I hope – so why should we expect our sales teams to approach prospects and try to meet their goals with no information? Access to reporting and analytics is necessary for sales teams to make informed business decisions that drive results.

Here are 3 reasons that your sales team needs reporting and analytics:

1. Set Goals and Track Performance

According to Forbes, people are more likely to achieve the goals they set when they are written down. It’s no wonder that sales teams that actively record and track their goals are more successful in achieving them. Having reporting and analytics capabilities directly in your CRM system makes it easy to enter goals and use real-time data to track your performance at any time.

2. Drill Down into Customer Data

The ability to drill down into customer data, inventory, and buying habits enables full visibility into customer trends that allow for more informed business decisions. Having access to reports on customer trends empowers sales reps to approach prospects strategically to garner more reliable results and profitable deals.

3. Manage Alerts & Notifications

Setting alerts and notifications based on reports in your CRM system ensures that sales reps will never miss a beat between client meetings. With alerts and notifications, the sales team will have the information they need delivered to their inbox on a regular basis, eliminating the need to manually track down data and reports that are used frequently.

Sure, a sales team could get by without reporting and analytics, but most want to do more than just “get by.” Sales teams that want to achieve greatness and surpass their goals need an easy-to-use reporting tool that delivers the data they need when they need it.

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Kelsey Hamon

By: Kelsey Hamon

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