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Tour de Force is an ideal solution for B2B (business-to-business) sales organizations. Our software solutions were created with sales teams in mind, keeping a heavy focus on SFA (sales force automation). The Tour de Force solution is designed to provide the tools that salespeople need to do their job more efficiently and more effectively, resulting in more sales closed.

Integrates with Over 45 ERP Systems

Tour de Force provides extensive ERP integration which delivers dashboards, scorecards, reports, analytics, and KPI tracking, allowing you to spot trends, manage sales goals, and improve the visibility of your quotes and opportunities.

No other CRM (customer relationship management) or BI (business intelligence) software is able to compete with our level of integration and the amount of information we make available to your organization.

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Tour de Force Cloud

Don’t have a functional IT infrastructure or IT staff? Have no desire to deal with the hassle of maintaining server hardware? Tour de Force Cloud takes on the responsibility of the technical procedures and maintenance, allowing you to focus entirely on your day-to-day operations.

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Tour de Force - Integrated CRM and Business Intelligence Software Solutions

Tour de Force Definition: a feat or display of strength, skill, or ingenuity.

Tour de Force is not just CRM (customer relationship management), SFA (sales force automation), or BI (business intelligence). Our solutions are designed to help you improve processes, from sales to support. We improve your communication through automated email logging and centralized data sources. Tour de Force serves as an extension to your primary ERP/back-office business operating system, providing extensive reporting, analytics, and dashboards. Tour de Force empowers you to deliver an exceptional customer experience with access to a 360° view of every single interaction your organization has had with your customers.

Take a closer look at Tour de Force. You’ll find that we’re more than CRM.

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