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Tour de Force BI is a streamlined business intelligence application software solution that provides analytics, reporting, and dashboards. Tour de Force BI transforms raw data from your ERP/Business System into a tool you can put directly into the hands of your sales team in order to identify trends, optimize business processes, and ultimately, increase sales and revenue. Not only does Tour de Force BI provide a full range of business intelligence for your existing customers, but the new Vendor BI features included in Tour de Force BI allow you to focus on looking upstream to your critical vendor partners. As distributors deal with shrinking margins and growing demands from their vendors, it is critical to know and understand where your most profitable vendor relationships lie. Tour de Force BI provides you with access to over 1,000 key data points about each vendor, including sales, bookings, purchases, purchase orders, vendor invoices, inventory analysis, and much, much more.

Features included with Tour de Force BI


  • Build Your Own Reports (BYOR) Module gives you the ability to take your data and create your own user defined reports and dashboards that are specifically geared to your organization and your business requirements.
  • Business System Integration Module integrates directly with your ERP system and imports over 1000 data points per customer or vendor on a daily basis.
  • Gap Analysis reviews your customers’ purchase history and easily identifies where there are gaps or opportunities for additional sales.
  • Sales Planning and Goal Setting creates sales goals by territory, region, customer account, and/or salesperson; also allows for creation of sales goals by product group, revenue category, or vendor for each territory, region, customer account, or salesperson.
  • Vendor BI provides critical vendor-based business intelligence to your purchasing and management teams.


  • Alerts & Notifications create automated e-mail reports that are sent to Tour de Force BI users.
  • Email Logging captures a copy of email messages sent and received through the mail server, automatically scanning the address fields associated with each email message in order to locate a matching Contact record. Captures all inbound and outbound mail messages from Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Outlook Web Access, PDA devices, and from ERP systems that have automated processes.
  • Extensive Permissions Structure ensures that your sales team only sees the information that you want them to see. Permissions can be set based on Territories, Regions, Branches, etc.
  • Mobile/Web Client provides mobile access to the Tour de Force BI system. Accessible from any device with a web browser.


  • Account Management manage any relationship with another company or organization with which your company does business.
  • Contact Management manage the relationships with people who work for or are affiliated with your business partners.
  • Marketing Tools easily create and launch email and direct mail campaigns. Create email templates that your sales team can use for all forms of customer follow-up, prospecting, etc.

For more information and an in-depth analysis visit the BI Features Page.


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