Direct Mail Campaigns

The Mailer Module in Tour de Force gives users the ability to easily and efficiently create direct mail or email campaigns. A Direct Mail Campaign can be created for marketing, relationship building, product updates, or any other reason that an organization may have to communicate with their customers, prospects, vendors, or suppliers.

Using the Mailer Module, a user can create a filtered list of recipients based on any field found within the Account or the Contact. When used in conjunction with the Gap Analysis feature of Tour de Force, an organization can create highly targeted campaigns based on a customer’s sales history.

 Be Efficient

  • Create custom direct mailing lists with the use of extensive filtering capabilities that allow you filter on any field found in an Account or Contact.
  • Generate personalized letters, newsletters and mailing labels with the use of Microsoft Word templates.

 Be Effective

  • Monitor and track the results of Direct Mail Campaigns.
  • Increase sales using Gap Analysis to create specialized Direct Mail Campaigns to existing customers based on their sales history.